It Was Just Some People

As I sit and reflect on 9/11, I couldn’t help but watch the video statements by Nicholas Haros, Jr. Haros, the son of a victim of the 9/11 terrorist attacks called out Rep. Ilhan Omar for her comments that “some people did something.” If you haven’t seen the video, you can read about his comments and watch the video here. Obviously, Rep. Omar’s statements are nothing new to followers of The Liberty Loft as we have discussed them before.

Haros indicated that Rep. Omar was seemingly dismissive of the 9/11 attacks as simply “some people.” Haros talked about how those “some people” was so much more. While Omar was dismissive of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in April, she tried to appear as “one of us” in a Twitter post today.

The problem is that 9/11 and the remembrance of the day was not the first thing on Omar’s mind today as she was more interested in promoting the need for the Green New Deal before her 9/11 post. Her 9/11 post as copied above was sandwiched between a request to pass the Green New Deal and to pass wage reform.

Apparently, The NY Times has also forgot what happened on 9/11, just 18 years ago. The Times published a piece today saying that airplanes took aim at the towers in New York City, completely ignoring that this was an act of terrorism and that these people sought to kill Americans.

NY Times

The New York Times doesn’t even see those terrorists, let alone “some people” anymore. You know, those Islamic terrorists who killed over 3,000 American’s on that horrific day and many since through the numerous health effects that the responders and surviving victims have suffered. The Times issued a correction, but still fails to mention the details around the day simply there were “terrorists.”

I don’t know about you, but these things absolutely disgust me. As I look through social media and see the pictures from that day, I’m just sickened that we have a Rep. in the US who refuses to condemn the terrorists that did this. It’s disgusting that the hometown paper where the most destruction and death took place refuses to truly acknowledge the event.

I see the pictures of someone’s loved ones that made the decision to jump to their death rather than die in those buildings. I think of the public servants who went into the buildings to save, yet made the ultimate sacrifice never returning home. Just the thoughts that Rep. Omar and The NY Times treat this as “just an event” aggravates me more than ever.

This is so much more than “some people” and “airplanes taking aim.” This was a deliberate terrorist attack to kill Americans and disrupt everything about our lives. If you were alive when 9/11 happened, you’ll never forget where you were. If you hear about it, you need to hear the truth that it was radical Islamic terrorists that hate American’s and freedom. It not only helps you understand why we must be vigilant, but helps you appreciate our freedoms. Our freedoms that 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, Rep. Omar and her “squad” are all attempting to take away.

You can contact JD through the Liberty Loft website or by Twitter.

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