2020 Governor Class Clowns - Liberal Edition

2020 Governor Class Clowns – Liberal Edition

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Charlotte, N.C. – Since the election of Donald Trump, liberals on every level of government, federal, state, and local, have intentionally and methodically assaulted conservatives across this nation. From their far-left policies of police defunding, attacks on energy, and gun rights, from California to the Carolinas, those who openly oppose the lunacy of the left, find themselves in the sniper’s crosshairs of today’s American socialist movement.

The Anti-Conservative Class of 2020
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam & North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper

For over two years, Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam, has successfully manipulated gun rights with his newly elected state house’s help. Now, residents of “Old Dominion” find themselves restricted on magazine capacity and limits of 1 gun purchase per month.

Despite massive protests from the NRA, gun and ammo manufacturers, and Virginia residents, the mass influx of D.C. liberals living in upper-Virginia has proven to be too bold to rebut. Direct and straightforward, Governor Northam has successfully stripped his state residents of their 2nd Amendment rights.

The danger lies in Virginia’s proximity to states like North Carolina, where The Tar Heel State residents find themselves in a similar war against fellow liberal Governor Roy Cooper. He has reigned over the residents of North Carolina since 2017. Like Northam, Gov. Cooper has attacked individual liberties, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. From mask mandates to continued closures of bars and restaurants, executive orders have executed businesses’ bottom line and owners’ livelihoods who count on their success to feed their families and provide goods and services to citizens in need.

Since March, unemployment in North Carolina has gone up as much as 6,000% because of coronavirus. “North Carolina has the second-biggest increase in unemployment due to coronavirus,” WalletHub said, explaining that when taking both numbers into account for all 50 states, only Louisiana has been hit harder.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Oh, where to begin with ole’ Gavin? From his COVID-19 restrictions that have killed the state’s economy to his refusal to assist in the clearing of forests that has led to a summer of massive wildfires, Gov. Newsom has pulled the strings that have strangulated the state residents of California.

Cherry-picked to succeed the governorship in 2019 by the “California Liberal Establishment,” Gavin is no stranger to San Francisco and abroad. Nancy Pelosi, something like an aunt by marriage to Gavin Newson (Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law was Gavin Newsom’s uncle), ensured the continuation of anti-conservative thoughts – passing the torch to younger versions of herself.

Newsom and those who support him have led to a massive exodus of Californian residents, taking their liberal policies to places such as Arizona and Colorado. Over the last view elections, we have seen both states changing their political stance on social issues, slating them as “swing states,” which could spell disaster out for elections to come.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Fresh off her FBI-thwarted kidnapping and rape plot, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has failed to slow in the continual pillaging of the Wolverine State. Whitmer’s liberal policies, too, have closed businesses and crippled the state’s economy, leaving many out-of-work and out-of-luck, playing second fiddle to Gov. Gretchen’s glory and the glimmer of the national spotlight.

Instead of working with President Trump to snuff out social unrest at the hands of BLM rioters that have torched and destroyed cities such as Detroit and Lansing, Gov. Whitmer has decided that it is more important to interview with liberal mainstream media outlets.

As she sees her face on televisions across the nation, Michiganders wonder how they will feed their families. From the auto industry to some of our nation’s largest food manufacturers, Michigan’s businesses have died on Whitmer’s watch.

Instead of putting policies in place to protect her citizens and their livelihoods, Gov. Whitmer finds it more productive to attack such stains on American society as The Proud Boys, who supposedly plotted to kidnap, rape, and kill her. Sorry Gov. it wasn’t “you” they wanted; it was the protection of their freedoms and their jobs that perhaps pushed them to plot violence. Desperate times do make desperate measures – even in Michigan.

2020 has indeed been an unforgettable year – in fact; history will judge this time as one of the most difficult in our nation. Democrats from coast-to-coast fail to understand their role and how their policies have pushed people to the brink. Jobs lost, freedom forbidden, and personal security in jeopardy.

Liberals have lost their way and continue to lie about their involvement. From the top-down, Joe Biden, and those who pull his strings and select from their socialistic cesspool to continue their court of anti-conservative policies, have destroyed America.

What is most dangerous is that liberals across the country know that never to allow another President Trump to win the Oval Office must ensure their fellow-libs’ mass moving to neighboring states. Only by changing the makeup of state elections and, in turn, the Electoral College can they provide a continuation of anti-conservative, anti-American platforms and policies that could forever change our nation’s democracy.

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