Lincoln Project Sends Tiki Torch-Carrying “White Nationalists” to Youngkin Event

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — On Thursday, Charlottesville-area NBC reporter Elizabeth Holmes tweeted out an image of five alleged white supremacists gathered around Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus.

The group, curiously dressed identically and wearing sunglasses despite the fact that it was pouring rain in Charlottesville, brandished tiki torches, presumably with the intent to invoke mental images of the Unite the Right rally that took place in the city during the summer of 2017. The rally, which was legitimately sponsored and attended by white supremacists, saw tensions between protesters and counter-protestors reach a boiling point, culminating in a vehicular attack that left a woman dead.

There’s just one problem: they’ve all alleged to be affiliated with either Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Party of Virginia, or both — something astute Twitter users were quick to point out:


The Lincoln Project, a organization run by leftists masquerading as establishment Republicans, later issued a statement claiming credit for the demonstration:

Glenn Younkin [sic] has said: ‘President Donald Trump represents so much of why I am running.’ Youngkin proves it every day by trying to divide Virginians using racial code words like Critical Race Theory and supporting a ban on teaching the works of America’s only Black Nobel laureate.

The Lincoln Project has run advertisements highlighting the hate unleashed in Charlottesville as well as Glenn Youngkin’s continued failure to denounce Donald Trump’s ‘very fine people on both sides.’ We will continue to draw this contrast in broadcast videos, on our social media platforms, and at Youngkin rallies.

Today’s demonstration was our way of reminding Virginians what happened in Charlottesville four years ago, the Republican Party’s embrace of those values, and Glenn Youngkin’s failure to condemn it.

The Youngkin campaign is enraged by our reminder of Charlottesville for one simple reason: Glenn Youngkin wants Virginians to forget that he is Donald Trump’s candidate.

We will continue to hold Glenn Youngkin accountable. If he will denounce Trump’s assertion that the Charlottesville rioters possessed ‘very fine’ qualities, we’ll withdraw the tiki torches. Until then, we’ll be back.

A rule of thumb I tend to go by is that when a story feels too convenient to a particular narrative to be true, chances are that it’s because the story isn’t true.  Perhaps that’s something by which journalists should abide, lest they feverishly report on an unusually diverse band of white supremacists carrying unlit torches and wearing sunglasses amid a downpour as they conspicuously display their “support” for Youngkin.

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