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A closer look at a potential Biden administration

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Charlotte, NC — The mainstream media and Democrats seem more and more convinced of a potential victory on November 3. The polls would certainly seem to support that also. The most recent Real Clear Politics average has Biden +7 over President Trump.

State by state tells a different story. Various polls are showing a tie or even Trump leads in some key battleground states. While the race seems still close to call, there’s some interesting information that can be gleaned from the talk about a potential President Biden.

Take for example the statements about Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) possibly joining the administration as Secretary of Labor. Multiple outlets have reported it and Politico shares that Sanders would be very interested in the role.

This would place a radical, big government socialist in charge of protecting the American worker. I find it hard to believe that Sanders would be arguing in favor of the American worker or American job growth based on his comments. High-income earners would not find favor in Sanders. Neither would business owners and large corporations.

Another interesting suggestion is that of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as Secretary of the Treasury. NBC News and other outlets have reported this as a significant possibility based on her “knowledge of finances.” Another Democrat in the NBC News story said she had “progressive pro-Scranton values.”

In other words, Joe Biden is perfectly fine with her view on how the US Government should raise funds. He has no issue with tax increases. He has no issue with punishing the wealthiest of Americans, taxing them into oblivion in an attempt to redistribute wealth.

Another interesting name mentioned to fill an important role in the administration was that of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. His name has been mentioned as a possible candidate to fill the role of Attorney General. While some other names have been mentioned here, he makes a lot of sense.

He was a former Attorney General in his state and has served in a cabinet role in a previous Democrat’s administration (Clinton). It would also make sense given he is from New York. Democrats have made no secret about the desire to go after President Trump if they win power and hold he and his administration legally accountable for made-up crimes.

Cuomo would be just the corrupt man for the job. Implicated in the Biden e-mails, Cuomo is far from a clean and honest criminal justice man. Besides, he will need another job after giving many New Yorkers a death sentence in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The last cabinet position that seems a sure choice for Biden is a new role that he looks to create. In April, Biden suggested that he would want to create a new cabinet role for a Secretary of Climate. If Biden wins the presidency, the Democrats will most likely also win the Senate and House, giving him a free path to creating another pointless government agency.

One name mentioned here is that of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). AOC has already been appointed to lead the Biden Sanders Climate task force, so such a move would only make sense.

AOC was an avid supporter of the Green New Deal and other socialist plans. While Biden has claimed that he did not support the Green New Deal, his website says that he believes in its framework and that it is critical to saving the environment. If that’s the case, there is probably no one more qualified for this role to protect us from the earth damaging cow farts like AOC.

While this only gives a slight glimpse into a potential Biden administration, the thoughts here should scare you to death. This is “average Joe” as he claims that is supporting the average American.

Joe Biden is surrounding himself with progressives and socialists at every turn. These leaders will be pressuring Biden to take on their socialist agenda and pass reform at every turn.

Their plans and policies do not help average Americans. These plans and programs force Americans into government dependence and reliance, taking away the freedoms that we all love. Just a small glimpse into what this administration could look like and it should frighten us for our country’s future.

Welcome To The Socialist States Of America

We certainly are hearing a lot about a potential Biden administration following the election next week. Real Clear Politics had Biden listed as +7 over Trump on Tuesday. Outside of just a couple of polls, all of the other polls are showing Biden in the lead and well outside the margin of error.

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