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American Airlines Allows Flight Attendants to Wear BLM Pins; White Employee Backlash Ensues

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Fort Worth, TX — Have you had enough of Black Lives Matter, Inc. “wokeness” shoved down your throat?  Of course you have. Unfortunately, there’s more.

The nation’s largest airline is facing a backlash over its decision to allow flight attendants to wear BLM, Inc. pins on the job. But the backlash is not from passengers, but rather a white flight attendants and staffers.

As reported by the New York Post, top brass at American Airlines is facing turbulence from White employees who have spouses or other relatives who are law enforcement officers, because they (correctly) believe the BLM, Inc. movement is anti-police and promotes violence.

One veteran flight attendant said in an email to American Airlines management obtained by The Post, “I take offense to this. serious offense. My husband is a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer), as was my deceased father and as far as I’m concerned ALL LIVES MATTER.”

“I am completely disgusted at the fact that we can’t show support for our GOD, our COUNTRY, our LEOs but when it comes to BLM organization (which is controversial in itself), American Airlines says that’s obviously different. […] How is that right? Well, I don’t feel included.”

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A brave flight attendant @AmericanAir email: “I am completely disgusted at the fact that we can’t show support for #GOD, #COUNTRY, LEOs but when it comes to #BLM org (which is controversial in itself), AmericanAirlines says that’s obviously different”

The unidentified employee is right, of course, on multiple levels. Saying “All Lives Matter” in the summer of Black Lives Matter will get you reprimanded, fired, or worse. Proclaiming your faith in God, support for the Country, or the police will get you the same result. These are no hallmarks of a free society!

The sad reality is, not only is it “not right,” as the employee asked, she and “her kind” are not “included.” They are not included because their “lives don’t matter” to American Airlines and other corporations who bow before the Black Lives Matter altar of pretend “systemic racism.”

“Systemic racism” is a farce that was created by Black Panther Stokely Carmichael and Charles V. Hamilton first wrote about the concept in their 1967 book Black Power: The Politics of Liberation.

However, in a statement to The Post on Sunday, the airline said the company has employee “resource groups” working on several pin designs for various causes, including charitable groups that include UNICEF and others.

“Our Christian, veterans and LGBTQ groups, for example, have developed their own pin that can be worn as part of the uniform,” the statement said. (You do know how ridiculous this is, right?)

Inclusiveness and equity are words the Left will throw around. Still, they only mean for individuals they deem worthy and any white person who has sufficient enough white guilt and has made great strides to prostrate themselves on the altar that is BLM, Inc., and ANTIFA.

At this point, there is no difference.

Toward that end, how well would the “Christian Lives Matter” pins go over with flight attendants who wear Black Lives Matter or LGBTQ pins?  Clearly, they’ve shown themselves to be inclusive and understanding.

The airline said it views the BLM, Inc. pin “not as a political cause but as a universal cause about humanity and equality.” “Fundamentally, Black Lives Matter is an expression of equality,” it added. How do I say this tactfully? What a complete load of garbage!

Of course, it’s a political cause, forced upon your employees as you virtue-signal yourselves silly to the Black Lives Matter, Inc. movement.

“It doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter mind you; rather than in our society, black lives should matter and be valued the same as others. That’s not political,” the airline pretended.

Of course, it’s political. Want proof? Pin an All Lives Matter pin on an American Airlines flight attendant, and let me know how that works out. I’m pretty sure things would get “political” in a BLM, Inc. heartbeat.

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