American Churches are Selling Their Souls for Social Acceptance

American Churches are Selling Their Souls for Social Acceptance

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Charlotte, N.C. – For nearly a generation, Americans have turned their back on their faith. Across every denomination, Churches’ decision to pander to the “will of the people” and new societal norms have led to a dramatic decline in attendance. Acceptance is now the new Anti-Christ. 

One-Third Fewer Americans Attend Church Weekly Now Than in 1993

According to Barna, over the last 27 years, churches have witnessed a sharp decline in their congregations. In actual numbers, 36 percent fewer Americans attended church weekly in 2020 than in 1993. This change could be correlated to several reasons, including the growing number of Gen Z and Millennials making up the U.S. populationdisputes about who gets to be a part of or lead in the Churchpast and current church scandals, and perceptions of the Church’s role in politics, to name a few.

President Obama’s Role in Church Decline

In 2009, one year after the commencement of Barack Obama’s presidency, church attendance began its rapid decline – and it has never recovered. President Obama’s policies crippled Americans here and abroad. However, he and the rest of the liberals in American pushed new societal norms, pinned America’s population against itself, and made American-guilt and shame a matter of necessity for their salvation. 

Over the last fifteen years, every major sect of Christianity has suffered attacks from the radical-left as a result of American liberalism. Society, led by the left and mainstream media outlets, has pushed for inclusivity training, which has led to “accepting and manifesting” how today’s Church teaches and views the LGBTQIA community and allows gay clergy members and other polarizing political and social issues. 

One such denomination is the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, who has seen a massive decline over the last decade. Following the 2009 vote, the ELCA lost nearly half a million members in 2010 and 2011. Since then, continued rapid decline has sent congregational members fleeing the Lutheran Church. 

Barna Church Trends

Today, Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton leads the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. She was elected in 2013 by Churchwide Assembly to serve as the ELCA’s fourth presiding bishop. Since her election, Bishop Eaton has vocally led the charge to redefine the teachings of Christ to match the wants of today’s fringe left. 

From American immigration policy to gender identity, from the top-down, Bishop Eaton has attempted to shove societal views into the pews of ELCA church populations. And that isn’t all. The most recent actions of movements such as BLM has led to Bishop Eaton and the ELCA to mandate new policies for their pastors in an attempt to guilt and shame the cloth and their congregations.  

Rev. Elizabeth Eaton Presiding Bishop of the ELCA

The North Carolina Synod of the ELCA now mandates training sessions for existing and future pastors of the Church to include race, gender identity, and sexuality. 

Below are some of the training sessions now offered and mandated by the ELCA on their Anti-Racism Resouce page.

Jesus teaches us to love one another, regardless of color, creed, sex, or national origin. As humans, we are not to judge another’s character or condemn their behavior, for only Christ retains that power. For over a generation, Christianity and its various denomination have decided to change the teachings of Jesus Christ in their attempt to appeal, applaud, and appease. Instead of teaching the word of God and asking those who seek eternal life through his grace, today’s Church is teaching acceptance and understanding as a means of appeasing defiled and damned behavior.

America and its institutions of faith are under attack. Now, the radical liberalism of clergy has adopted social mantras that have dramatically decreased participation and guilted their members to flee in droves. COVID-19 church closures have exacerbated these issues, with many churches remaining closed and accepting liberal executive and legislative mandates that have left their congregations closed since March. 

Love is free, and so is salvation, but both require work and commitment. Faith with no effort or focus is meaningless – purely accepting Jesus by word and not action is a dangerous and deceiving practice that continues, will spell the death of traditional Christianity in America. Churches are selling the soul and sanctity of Christ’s teachings for the sinful ways of society. 

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