Anti-Trump Activists Now Say, "The President is Like Segregation."

Anti-Trump Activists Now Say, “The President is Like Segregation.”

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Charlotte, N.C. – “Trump is like segregation,” says Stuart Stevens, a senior strategist for Sen. Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential run and a veteran of GOP campaigns. Stevens shared his anti-Trump stance on ABC News’ “Powerhouse Politics Podcast.” 

Even before becoming president, the liberal mainstream media has dug up veteran Republican Party members, now turned Democrat pundits, to deceive the American people into thinking that somehow, Trump is dangerous and deadly for the GOP. For most, they join their newfound comrades of CNN, Disney, and MSNBC, and participate in removing Donald Trump from the Oval Office. 

According to ABC News, one of the leading members of The Lincoln Projecta political action committee comprised of anti-Trump former Republican political strategists, took aim Wednesday at the president’s support on Capitol Hill, describing some senators’ enablement of Donald Trump as “a deep sickness,” while defending his organization’s work to defeat them in down-ballot races.

During Wednesday’s podcast, Stuart Stevens stated, “How do you not try to purge a party of people who say nothing when the president of the United States says he didn’t rape a journalist because she wasn’t ‘my type’? What do you do about people that really are quiet when the president of the United States is refusing — and the vice president — refusing to accept the results of an election?”

Ahead of the 2020 Election, Democrats know that they need to not only remove Trump but take over the majority in the Senate. What is their plan? – the targeting of vulnerable senators — like Maine’s Susan Collins, Iowa’s Joni Ernst, and Colorado’s Cory Gardner.

Stevens continued his disdainful rant against Trump, saying, “To me, this is just very clear-cut. Trump is like segregation,” said Stevens, noting he grew up in Mississippi during the Civil Rights era. “I knew a lot of people, very nice people; they wouldn’t have said a useless word to describe an African American in a million years. They were kind people, but they were segregationists.”

“I see Trump that same way. Trump is a moral test, and you can’t negotiate with evil,” he added. “We have a man who is, for all reasons, all functional purposes, is attempting to destroy the pillars of American democracy. And the Republican Party’s negotiating with him trying to see what they can get out of it, and I think that’s shameful.”

Folks, I have said this for the last three years, Donald Trump doesn’t fit into today’s politician’s mold. Democrats say he is dangerous. Not for his rhetoric, but solely because he looks to end the socialistic swamp that has engulfed Washington D.C. and today’s American politics. A man of business turned our nation’s political system on its head, and Democrats, and even some Republicans, are scared to lose their job and power.

Pushed by anti-Trump liberal-slanted news agencies of CNN, MSNBC, and Disney, from channel-to-channel, our nation’s commander-in-chief is accused and called just about everything name in the book. Now, less than three weeks before the 2020 Election, liberals are digging up the bones of old and weak members of the Republican Party to destroy Trump – whitewash him as a racist, and attempt to put a 47-year out-of-touch; done nothing, do nothing, Democrat like Joe Biden in the Oval Office.

Now that is dangerous!

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