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AOC celebrates 2 years since she started the journey to destroying America

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New York, NY – On Friday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted out her celebration of 2 years since she won her primary. She was celebrating it as if she has done something beneficial for our country. She claims she has done right by working families and “the movement.”

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What exactly has she accomplished for the working families and the “movement” as she describes it? Not a lot.

The first thing she accomplished was she successfully campaigned against 25,000 jobs for her constituents by pushing against the Amazon HQ2 project. Over 1 million people in New York City are suffering from lost jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thousands stuck in lines waiting to be able to get to their unemployment benefits, when they could have potentially been working at Amazon.

She would also celebrate the proposal of the Green New Deal, I am sure. The legislation was proposed to help eliminate cow farts and control plane travel. It is estimated that this legislation would cost 1.4 million Americans their jobs and nearly $4 trillion in additional national debt.

AOC would do better celebrating her ignorance while in Congress, than actual accomplishments. She has suggested free taxi rides, free college tuition, free healthcare, and says that all American’s need to be educated on how socialism is fantastic.

All of these items will continue to take away American jobs, add to the national debt and enslave Americans to the federal government. This is precisely what she and her liberal counterparts want, however.

She has continued to promote social division across the country. She has incited violence and destruction through the Black Lives Matter movement. Are these real accomplishments worth celebrating?

Maybe AOC is celebrating, but are her NYC constituents? She has taken their money to rise to stardom. She has taken away jobs and cost them in many other ways. She has done nothing for her constituents, but they seem to be on the verge of giving her an additional term in Congress.

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