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AOC is furious after being treated like a conservative

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New York, NY — Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) seems to be upset with NBC News over their reporting from last week. The issue revolves around her speech at the Democratic National Convention. The problem? She was treated just like conservatives are treated.

After she made her speech, NBC News tweeted that she did not nominate Joe Biden, instead nominating Bernie Sanders. AOC and Democrats, as part of the convention, argue that this was a normal process. AOC even made remarks on her Instagram account that NBC was told ahead of time of what she was doing.

She claims that she has dealt with backlash and that the statement has made her “life a living hell,” according to the Fox News article. In other comments, she said that the story was irresponsible. Welcome to the world of conservatives AOC.

Liberal’s, like AOC, have been peddling agenda and propaganda against conservatives for years now. They have misled the public and misrepresented statements and actions. It has placed lives at risk and safety at risk.

Remember the time that AOC said President Trump was a racist and a xenophobe? She said that the words he uses indicate that he is a racist and a white supremacist. Trump has condemned racism and violent actions, unlike AOC and her Black Lives Matter supporting radicals.

She seems to be happy misleading and giving conservatives to the experience that she is dealing with, but has an issue with it being her. She is ok collaborating with the media to persecute and label conservatives, but cannot handle the situation when it comes back to her own home.

It sounds like AOC needs to learn how to handle the criticism. She claims to be an expert, but she obviously cannot handle it when it came from her best friends at the mainstream media. Conservatives have been doing it for several years now.

Conservatives are used to the labels and the bias that the mainstream media peddles. They are used to the lies and deceit of the AOC socialists. It continues to show that there is a double standard, where Democrats expect preferential treatment.

AOC is mostly frustrated because the attacks came from her own “team,” so to speak. These are the people that are supposed to be protecting her and helping her. They are supposed to be focused on attacking Trump. Instead, she now understands what it’s like to be attacked as a conservative in America.

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