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Bernie says that Biden is not being radical enough!

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Charlotte, NC — According to a new report by The Washington Post, Sen. Bernie Sanders, (I-VT) is concerned that Biden could be getting ready to blow the 2020 election. Sanders is worried about his progressive followers, who have become experienced in being neglected. The same thing happened to them in 2016 following Clinton’s defeat of Sanders in the primary.

Sanders believes that Biden and Harris have been far too centrist in their approach to the campaign and that they must move back to the left for their young and progressive members of the party. Many others believe such a move would prove devastating to Biden’s chances to win.

Moving to the left for Biden should not be difficult if that is what Sanders wants. Biden chose the most radical Senator in Congress to be his running mate. She can easily guide Biden back to the radical left-wing if that is what he wants.

It appears, though, that Biden is comfortable remaining outside of their view. He has ignored many of the progressive talking points, attempting to remain outside the fray. Except, he may not be able to do that much longer.

The polls across the country continue to show a race that is tightening. Biden has a campaign that lacks enthusiasm, as Trump supporters continue to be outspoken with events and rallies across the country. Biden has nothing of the sort from his supporters.

The lack of enthusiasm can also be seen in the lack of involvement in many popular Democratic figures. For example, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), a regular figure on Twitter, has only made one tweet in nearly 10 days on Twitter. Such silence is rare for the freshman congresswoman.

Many other key figures are not choosing to support Joe Biden, but rather only attack President Trump. Their actions in neglecting Joe Biden show that they are more interested in getting President Trump out of office than they are in having Biden in office. That is a major issue for Biden going into November.

Biden needs excitement and enthusiasm to get people out to the polls for him in November. Instead, it appears that most people are more interested in staying home and cowering in fear of the China virus. The Democrats can only blame themselves for that.

The RNC has also picked up on the lack of excitement for the Biden campaign as well. Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel has an oped in The Washington Post sharing that Democrats are not excited about their candidate.

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With a candidate they barely let leave his basement, it’s no wonder Democrats are already spreading lies of a coming “voter-suppression catastrophe.”In reality, the biggest threat to turnout is not Republicans. It is the lack of excitement for Joe Biden.

Perhaps a significant move to the left would rejuvenate the campaign for Joe Biden. It would certainly provide a spark from the young Democratic voters. The other great thing about such a move is that it would absolutely scare every independent voter away from Democrats. It is highly likely that such a move would happen after the election anyway, so making the move now may be the best thing that could happen all around.

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