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Biden and mainstream media cannot ignore the mounting evidence

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New York, NY — Evidence continues to mount against Joe Biden in the corruption allegations against him. While he and the mainstream media continue to run with the story that this is Russia disinformation, the evidence is telling an entirely different story.

This week, a former business partner spoke out against the Bidens. Tony Bobulinski appeared on Tucker Carlson and laid out a story about how the Biden’s were involved in massive corruption schemes. He detailed meetings he had with the former Vice President and how Biden knew all about his son’s business dealings.

To date, Biden has denied knowing anything about his son’s business dealings overseas. His campaign did not respond after Bobulinksi’s appearance, and neither has Joe Biden himself. The campaign previously said that tax returns and official schedules prove that nothing happened.

That seems like a great story, but the witness is saying these things happened. Of course, this would be a case of he said she said until more evidence released on Wednesday.

The National Pulse obtained exclusive audio from Hunter Biden, where he lays out details about his partnerships in China. This corroborates the stories that Bobulinski told and the details in the e-mails from the laptop. This creates a challenge for Joe Biden and the mainstream media.

Those same e-mails that were mentioned to be disinformation are now being proven true. The things that the left has said was not possible to be accurate are growing more and more accurate with evidence.

A quick look across mainstream media channels about this story, and it is nowhere to be found. A frontrunner for the presidency, as the media claims, is being accused of corruption. They simply do not care.

In fact, they were more interested in running a story that identified the writer of an anti-Trump post from 2018 than they were in addressing the corruption of Joe Biden. They were more interested in running news stories about Biden’s “lead” and how Trump was panicking.

The time has come that they can no longer ignore the details and the facts of this case. The time has come that Joe Biden owes Americans an honest explanation. His stories of I’m just “regular Joe” and “C’mon man” are not going to satisfy here.

Joe has every appearance of being involved in a major family corruption ring, He can try to blame this on his brother and his son, but Biden was involved with the access that was being sold to him and the White House.

The real story is that Chinese intelligence officials were involved, according to the audio that was released. While the left has often tried to say that Trump was a national security risk, this shows that Biden really is a national security risk. He has sold access to the White House and has conspired with foreign officials in corrupt business dealings.

While selling access to the White House is not a crime, it is corrupt. It has the disgusting smell of Democrat corruption all over it, just like Clinton’s emails and the Clinton Foundation. It is time to hold Joe Biden and Democrats accountable for their corruption and send them all home next week!

Welcome To The Socialist States Of America

We certainly are hearing a lot about a potential Biden administration following the election next week. Real Clear Politics had Biden listed as +7 over Trump on Tuesday. Outside of just a couple of polls, all of the other polls are showing Biden in the lead and well outside the margin of error.

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