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Biden campaign is using voter data firm that has known security issues

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Charlotte, NC — Recently, a security flaw was found in the official Joe Biden campaign app and was reported to the campaign. The flaw would allow users to find voter information, helping promote voter intimidation and bullying. The flaw was reported by the website The App Analyst.

In the app, a user with an unverified account was able to put in contact information out of their phone, which would allow them to access voter data. They could see names, birthdays, voter history, and more of anyone that was in their contacts on their phone. The Biden campaign issued an app update on Friday to fix the security flaw.

The problem is that the Biden campaign is using a firm for this data that has had security issues in the past. The company, TargetSmart, claims to have data on more than 191 million Americans on file according to TechCrunch. The company has had multiple issues in the past with the security of election data.

For example, in 2017 nearly 600,000 Americans had their voter information exposed due to the information being on one of TargetSmart’s servers, without password security. In 2018, nearly 15 million Americans were exposed again due to an unsecured server from the company.

With the continued concerns over the security of the company, one has to wonder why the Biden campaign would continue to work with them. After all, the Biden campaign and the mainstream media continue to argue that election security is going to be an important issue in the 2020 election.

It seems they are talking about the security of the information within their own party. It seems that they are most concerned if there is any potential that a security issue may benefit someone other than the Democrats. I’m sure the fact that Democrats are not concerned with the things they claim to be concerned with is surprising you.

Biden apparently has no concerns with unsecured information if it helps him. Democrats are only concerned with winning at all costs, even if it means cheating in the election. All the while, they will point the finger to President Trump and say that it is his fault.

In recent articles about voter data, many outlets, like this article from The Hill, refer to TargetSmart as a Democratic data firm. It’s easy to see why the information coming out of this group is biased and helping the Democrats.

I have a crazy suggestion, perhaps we can ask them where Hillary’s e-mails and the data from the wiped phones from the FBI is at. Perhaps they know where we can find those things.

While the comment is meant to be funny, it continues to highlight that Democrats have no real concern over security. They give the lip service in their talk, saying that they are concerned about your voter information and your right to vote. The reality is, they are willing to place any and all information at risk, whether it be classified state department e-mails or your voter information.

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