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Biden campaign is worried about the election in latest statements

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Charlotte, NC — It appears that the Biden campaign is growing worried about the election. In recent statements, they have urged caution of Democrats for believing that the race is in hand for the Democrat, even as national polls show Biden with a tremendous lead.

On Saturday, the campaign issued statements warning Democrats against the complacency. The statements were captured by The NY Times, who shared the article and many of their writers also commented.

Shane Goldmacher shared that the comments from the campaign were that they could not underestimate President Trump. Katie Glueck, who partnered with Goldmacher went a step further.

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Biden memo: “If we learned anything from 2016, it’s that we cannot underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to claw his way back into contention in the final days of a campaign”

In Glueck’s comments, she shared that the campaign manager states the race is closer than it seems. They report that the internal polling shows that Biden and Trump are neck and neck in many key areas.

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News w/ @ShaneGoldmacher : Biden campaign is urgently warning against complacency, w/ @jomalleydillon arguing in new memo that “race is far closer than some of the punditry we’re seeing…In the key battleground states..we remain neck and neck w/Trump”

This is a big difference from what is being told in the mainstream media outlets, as the national polling numbers are shared. Most simply report the national average, which has shown Biden ahead anywhere from 5-12 points in recent weeks.

As we have reported here at The Liberty Loft many times, the key is to look at state numbers. Nationally, Joe Biden would easily win a popular vote thanks to the power of the large cities. This is precisely why the founding fathers created the Electoral College.

As you look at the state by state numbers, it’s easy to see why the Biden campaign is concerned. A recent poll by The Hill/Harris X has President Trump tied with Biden in Florida. Trafalgar has Trump up by 1 in Michigan. Emerson has the pair tied in North Carolina.

President Trump is far from out of this race as the mainstream media would have you to believe. Democrats should be worried about this election, as it continues to bear a striking resemblance to the 2016 national election.

As more and more information continues to come out about Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s role in the corrupt activities, the national race will continue to change. This election is far from over and it continues to look better for President Trump by the day.

America Finds Itself In A New War

In just a few short days, America finds itself in the middle of a new war. It’s not a war of guns, ships, planes, and soldiers. It’s a different kind of war. One that mainstream media and social media have decided to wage against Americans from coast to coast.  On Wednesday, the New York Post released a bombshell report about the activities of Hunter Biden.

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