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Biden continues to run and hide from difficult questions

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Charlotte, NC – On Wednesday, Joe Biden decided to call it an early day yet again on the campaign trail. Before 10 AM, the campaign said that all activities would be suspended for in-person events. This comes after new revelations in the case of Hunter Biden.

Ironically, Sen. Kamala Harris was also forced to discontinue campaign events related to COVID-19 cases among staffers. Her campaign is not scheduled to resume activities and travel until Monday. While I am not saying that these cases are not real, that certainly is convenient for her and the campaign.

Biden continues to hide in his basement as the evidence of his corrupt actions in Ukraine mounts. He has not personally spoken about the recent stories on Hunter’s e-mails, but his campaign has denied the reports.

The latest reports from The New York Post continue to evolve the case, as there is more evidence Biden struck additional deals in China. Deals in Ukraine and in China, the same deals that Democrats and social media conglomerates have argued were fake news and lies.

These stories raise significant questions, amid many others, about a possible President Joe Biden. He engaged in a quid pro quo, where his family profited in Ukraine. His son used his father’s position as Vice President to hold meetings that benefitted Chinese intelligence officials.

Democrats attempted to impeach President Trump over “Russia collusion” when there was a fake dossier created to distract from Clinton’s e-mail scandal. There was no evidence of collusion, yet they pushed that narrative for four years. Now, there is evidence emerging of Biden’s actions.

Where are those same Democrats now? Why are they not concerned about the potential corruption of their party’s headline act?

Because they need him. They need the name of Joe Biden to carry them to a potential victory in November.

Democrats know that they are unable to win with Kamala Harris as the main act. She struggled to maintain the party’s support during her own campaign in the primary. While they know she is the name they plan to get behind in the future, they need Biden to help build her credibility.

Except it is simply not going to work. The mainstream media wants to refuse to cover the story because they want to believe it cannot be true. They want to ignore it, to try to save Joe Biden.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter will work to suppress the story, keeping voters from getting crucial information as they cast their ballots. All in the name of “protecting” Americans.

This is not protecting Americans, it is protecting a corrupt politician named Joe Biden. A politician that hides from difficult questions.

He has refused to answer questions about court-packing, which is an important question that Americans need an answer to. He has refused to answer questions about his son, preferring to say that the focus needs to be on Trump and how bad of a person he is. Except the evidence exists against Biden, not Trump.

If Biden wants to ignore the questions, then Americans must ask themselves some important questions. If Biden is a perfect leader for our country, then why are all the social media giants and mainstream media outlets hiding this story?

When President Trump was accused, conservative media did not run from the story. They investigated, helping prove that there was no evidence. Stories were written time and again to share the truth, being suppressed and banned by mainstream media and social media companies.

Now, instead of investigating, mainstream media and social media are again suppressing the stories. Are Americans really so blinded by the mainstream media that they are willing to overlook outright corruption? That is what the Democrats are hoping for in this election cycle.

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