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Biden continues to slide in polls against President Trump

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Charlotte, N.C. – A couple weeks ago, we ran a story that highlighted how President Trump as performing strong in the polls. Now, there’s more polls coming out that show he continues to do well. It is a bad sign for Joe Biden.

In a recent Hill-HarrisX general election poll, President Trump and Joe Biden are tied at 43 each. Earlier in April, Biden led Trump in the same poll by a 47-41 margin. It shows that Democrats are not excited about Joe Biden, but that’s not all.

It really gets worse for Joe Biden the further you look. In the first poll of Biden vs Trump in 2019, Biden led by 13 points nationally. Biden’s support among Democrats has declined from 89% in early April to 83% in this latest poll.

There are only 2 changes in the race since the early April poll until now. The first is that Biden is now the presumptive nominee. The second, is that Biden is accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade.

The sexual assault allegations had been largely ignored until Friday. Joe Biden issued a statement to deny the allegations and then went onto MSNBC for an interview about it. The story has not garnered a lot of attention among the main stream media until the last week.

While the main base of Democrats have long been excited about Joe Biden, the progressive wing has not. The two most progressive candidates, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, both dropped out and have endorsed Biden. Warren is mentioned as a possible VP candidate for Biden.

The story in this poll is a stark difference to the story that the main stream media is playing out for the American public. Just this week, the media ran with the story about how Trump “blew up” at his campaign over failing poll numbers. They suggest this led to a change in Trump’s press conferences about the coronavirus.

The press conferences needed a change, however. With the economy struggling and millions of Americans out of work, President Trump needed to highlight how the private sector will recover. Americans are ready for that.

But the Democrats are arguing for a different point of view. Their argument is for more government control and takeovers. Since the start of the pandemic, they have suggested takeovers of hospitals, income, healthcare, manufacturing and more. The answer to the problems is not more government.

This is the message Americans should expect to hear from President Trump going forward. There will be a significant focus on private sector and business. Right now, there is far too much focus on government.

These poll numbers are a reflection of that. As Joe Biden continues to slide, it shows that Americans have no confidence in Democrats leadership ability. Not just Democrats, but Biden as well.

Media will argue that the polls show Americans trust Biden to lead in crisis more than Trump. I don’t believe it. If it is, the polling is completely on party lines in my opinion. Conservatives across this country understand that President Trump is allowing the free economy to work.

I fully expect Biden’s slide in the polls to continue. He may receive a bump once he announces his VP pick in the coming days. After that, he will have to speak and Americans will again lose faith in him. From his gaffes to his memory, Democrats will have a hard time supporting him in November.

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