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Biden is misleading Americans about his family

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, the latest episode of Pod Save America was released, a left-wing progressive podcast. In the episode, Biden said that attacks on a political opponent’s family members are ‘crass’ referring to Trump’s attacks on his family.

Biden continued by sharing how he has refused to talk about Trump’s family during the campaign, stating that he is campaigning against Trump, not his kids. Biden’s comments come as Trump and many others have continued to question the actions of Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China.

In recent e-mail releases, it appears that Hunter profited from Biden’s VP position. It also appears that Joe Biden himself was receiving a cut from arranging special meetings and backdoor deals for his son with foreign dignitaries and intelligence officials. Republicans have called for an investigation, while Democrats have openly asked that no investigation take place until after the election.

Biden commented that he did not want to bring up the business dealings of Trump’s children, but he did bring up the business dealings of President Trump. While Biden wants to continue to try to make this about Hunter Biden, the truth is that this is just as much about Joe as it is about Hunter.

If Joe Biden was profiting millions off of special interest meetings that were off the record, then that is a huge national security issue. It is more of an issue than simply having a hotel in a foreign country or having previously held a Chinese bank account.

It means that Joe Biden engaged in the quid pro quo that Democrats had accused President Trump of. It means that Joe Biden was selling special access to the White House for foreign nations, profiting off his position. It is the very definition of corruption.

Biden does not want anyone to see that, however. He wants to hide behind this image that this is about his kids. He wants everyone to believe this is about Hunter Biden or that Trump is accusing the deceased Beau Biden.

While Biden may be vocal about his own family, he never once hesitated or spoke out as the mainstream media has attacked President Trump and his family relentlessly throughout the campaign. He never once called off his attack dogs of the media, who are the ones actually running his campaign for him.

Biden’s statements of concern are nothing more than lip service to continue to mislead the American people. He wants to continue to hide behind the liberal media and let them protect him. It’s hard to be taken as sincere when you have done nothing but hide in your basement the entire campaign.

Even more, the American people deserve to know the level of corruption that Biden has in his family. Biden is not this honest, innocent man that he wanted to portray in the debates. He is not average Joe that knows what it is like to be a hard-working American.

For 47 years, Biden has lived off the American taxpayer. He has lived with an income much higher than that of the average American worker. While the left wants you to believe that a rich President Trump is evil, at least he worked for his money. Biden has done nothing but to live off the American taxpayer. He and his family have profited millions off of backroom deals that the average American would never have access to.

While Biden continues to try to make this about his family, this is not about his family. This is about a corrupt Joe Biden, that allowed his family to profit and secure a lifetime of wealth off of his positions in the US government.

The Left Is Beginning To Lose Control

For four years, the left has controlled the narrative against President Trump. The left-wing media has created stories about Trump and ran with them. Without vetting them for accuracy or for having actual evidence. They still ran those stories. We’ve had the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment debacle and in each instance they could locate no evidence against Trump.

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