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Biden releases tax returns as it shows he avoided taxes also

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Charlotte, NC – The reporting about the taxes of President Trump continues as the mainstream media pushes the Biden campaigns storylines. The initial report came from The NY Times, and as previously said, it’s not a story at all. The media will not let the story go, now attacking from a different angle.

Time now says that President Trump is a national security risk because of the same report. They claim it’s because of the reported debts that President Trump has and that he will be influenced by foreign officials. As always with the left, there is still little proof that this is the case.

The entire report and situation is simply hearsay and speculation. The NY Times report has been debunked, as should this idea as well. A business owner having debt is nothing new. Neither is personal debt.

In continuing to show that the mainstream media and Biden campaign are coordinated in their efforts, Biden and Harris released their tax returns ahead of the debate. The left has celebrated that Biden paid $300,000 in taxes in 2019.

Harris paid substantially more than Biden, over $1 million in taxes paid. The amounts paid are not the important thing to see on those reports however.

What many will see on the Biden tax return is that much of his income was ran through an S Corporation. An S Corporation is a type of business that many use that allows pass through income. It allows those who qualify to avoid certain taxes that may be levied against them.

The Biden’s used this to their advantage, and have for quite some time. The Wall Street Journal reported on it in August, and there are reports on internet searches going back to 2019 of the same story. The mainstream media is not reporting this, however.

It’s evident that Biden is going to go after Trump and his taxes in the debate. There’s no doubt this is the main attacking point, and I expect Biden will weave it into the conversation as much as possible.

In the end, the left still has no evidence of the things that they are accusing Trump of. None of this is verified evidence. We should be accustomed to this now.

It started with the Russia hoax, continued through the impeachment trial, and was pushed further with the recent US Military comment allegations. Obviously there’s more, but those really stand out. How far will Biden get in the debate in pushing these propaganda stories? We will soon know.

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