Joe Biden will force Americans into submission if he becomes President

Biden says that he will force Americans into submission if President

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Charlotte, NC – This week, Joe Biden said that he would force American’s into submission by executive order if he became President. The statements were made while talking to a local CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh and were referencing masks. Biden said that he would sign an executive order requiring facemasks for Americans.

Across the country, facemasks have become a hot topic of discussion. Several states have implemented mandatory masks in public. In several of those areas, law enforcement leaders refused to enforce those mandatory orders.

A national order for mandatory masks would be just as controversial. The two sides of the argument come down to two sides. One side believes that masks will protect you and someone else if you both wear a mask. This is the same comment the CDC echoes, but many questions have been raised.

Some have shared video’s on social media of various tests of face masks. Many of the home face masks were tested against the passing of particles through the masks. All of them failed when put up against their medical-grade counterparts.

This is the same sentiment that the other side argues. They argue that the masks are ineffective. Another point in their argument is a talking point that we have heard for several years on another matter, my body my choice.

The argument is that in other cases, we have determined that the individual has the right to choose, but in this case, the individual choice is removed. The person is then forced into wearing a face mask against their wishes.

I have long said that I will not say anything to anyone that chooses to wear a face mask. If you are in a high-risk category, concerned about coronavirus, or live with someone that is at high risk, you may want to consider wearing a mask. You have to remember, a mask is not a perfect guarantee of protection, however.

Just as the videos show, particles can get through face masks. Many face masks even come with labels saying that they cannot prevent you from contracting the coronavirus. If you read all the information, it merely says it will slow the spread.

The CDC is clear in its guidance; the face mask does not protect you from COVID-19. The hope is that it may prevent you, as a potential asymptomatic spreader, from giving the virus to someone else. Let’s think about that a minute.

If a cloth face mask will not keep the virus from coming through your mask to infect you, how will it stop you from coughing or sneezing and it getting through the mask? I refer back to those same videos I discussed earlier. A medical-grade mask is made to stop particles; cloth does not do this.

The CDC website does not say that masks will prevent the spread from you to someone else; it says that it may. It says that studies have shown water droplets spread 6 feet. Then in another place, it shares that the mask will not protect you, which means that the droplets can get through the masks anyway.

The CDC clearly says that a medical grade mask should not be worn by people outside of healthcare. These masks are the only ones that show that they can block those aerosolized particles. So the question remains, if the cloth masks cannot prevent the virus, why are states mandating them?

DISCLAIMER: I am not saying you should not wear a mask. My opinion is that it should be a personal decision that you make given your medical conditions and home situation. Leave a comment on social media or below on this article and let us know your thoughts.

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