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Biden Talks About Imaginary People and is Saved by MSNBC Host

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Wilmington, DE — While President Donald Trump was nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court yesterday, Joe Biden was being interviewed from his home by MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and trying simply to answer questions coherently.

And failing.

Per the normal interview construct, Biden tried to attack President Trump saying only 1% of the money in the Paycheck Protection Plan had been paid out.  Obviously, this isn’t true as billions have gone out and it’s been replenished because the first PPP amount was distributed.

But as if getting the facts wrong wasn’t bad enough, his interviewer had to help him out after he loses it, if he even had it to begin with, his train of thought that is.

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Awkward. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle just had to help Joe Biden remember what he’s talking about after he loses his train of thought

He recognized he was wrong but he still couldn’t remember or somehow figure out what he was discussing.  If you didn’t see it, go back and watch Stephanie Ruhle’s face!  Play a quick game with your friends of “What is this woman thinking as Biden rambles?’ and see what you come up with.

She eventually had to put him and the 5 remaining MSNBC viewers out their misery and tell him what the answer was:  Mainstream Lending Program.  I can’t be certain but it looked like she checked her notes.  Perhaps this is the journalistic practice when interviewing Biden.

You better prepare for questions and answers!

What would he do without helpful and supportive media propping him up at every turn?

Bait wait.  It got worse! Look at her face as he completely loses it here, I don’t even have any idea who he’s talking about when he mentions “John” or what the hell he’s actually talking about.  He’s now inventing imaginary people.

Since Republicans aren’t “allowed” to ask about his health, how bad does he have to get before someone says, “Okay, enough!”?

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WATCH: Joe Biden suddenly brings up a person name “John” and accuses him of avoiding what needs to be done

He then decided to get completely offensive when he compared Trump to Goebbels.  Joseph Goebbels was the Minister of Propaganda for the German Third Reich under Hitler.

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UNHINGED: Joe Biden compares President Trump to Joseph Goebbels

But, wait!  There’s more!

While he was virtually speaking to the United States Conference of Mayors, he was describing how long he’d been in the Senate, saying that he got there, “180 years ago.”

Joe Biden Says He Got To The Senate 180 Years Ago

Joe Biden said he got to the Senate 180 years ago while he was virtually speaking to the United States Conference of Mayors on 9/26/20. Be sure to like, subs…

Keep in mind that Joe Biden has been a politician for 47 years!  Think about how long that is.  That’s literally more than 19% of the time the United States of America has been a country!

Biden’s supposed to be debating on Tuesday. Is he even going to make it? One could make the case the most difficult question he’s been asked recently was “Are you warm enough or do you need another blanket?”

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