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Biden’s Dementia Takes Center Stage Yet Again

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Toledo, OH — It is evident that Joe Biden’s mental health is deteriorating rapidly.  The former VP and current Democratic nominee is only getting worse and that was on full display yesterday as he attempted to give a speech to auto workers in Toledo, Ohio.

As RedState reported earlier, Biden forgot who Mitt Romney was while getting off his plane, instead calling him “the Mormon.” How do you forget the man the top of your previous ticket ran against for re-election to the highest office in the land? The answer is that normal people do not forget that.

This behavior is not normal, but I don’t blame Joe for it.  I blame Joe’s family, his campaign and staffers, and his friends for constantly pushing him out in front of a camera given his current mental state!

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Biden forgets Romney’s name”I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor”

There is a reason the Biden campaign regularly calls a full lid just after breakfast.  The campaign knows that he gets worse as the day goes on.  Once he finally got to his speech, the “gaffes” began to culminate to the point where you wondered whether his handlers would just pull the plug.  To our amusement, they didn’t.  Here’s how it went.

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Joe Biden: “I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate”

Typically, individuals who run for president are quite accomplished and are at the top of their game.  Moreover, those same people don’t forget what office they’re running for.  This is not the first time Joe Biden has done this.  His inability to distinguish details like this and seemingly forgetting what time period he’s in should be sounding the alarm to all Americans.  Sadly, the Left continues to stay silent on this and call Republicans shameful for pointing it out.

Biden’s campaign team and the media pretend everything is fine, and then this happens:

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He’s fine guys. This is fine.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that website does not exist.  Additionally, it’s quite peculiar that he would have forgotten already which way he came in and where he’s supposed to go after the speech.  Before you know it, every time he’s finishing a speech, there will be someone to walk to the podium and usher him to the appropriate stage exit like we see at various award shows.

You came in the door on the side of the stage? That’s where you go out. It’s not a maze; it’s a small auditorium.

But these are common occurrences for Biden.

In the past few weeks, his wife has pushed and redirected him while walking, and his handlers put their arms under his like a grandchild does when helping their grandparents.

What we do know is that there’s next to no chance he finishes a term if he wins in November. That means Kamala Harris is the de facto top of the ticket. Vote accordingly.

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