Black Trump Supporter Hilariously Mocks 'Woke' White Family

Black Trump Supporter Hilariously Mocks ‘Woke’ White Family

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Charlotte, NC — Many around the world, the Left, and their communications arm that is the mainstream media would have you believe that President Trump is a ‘white supremacist!’  As I reported yesterday if Donald Trump is a racist, he is the absolute worst racist ever!  In fact, many black people, especially younger black males, are walking away from the plantation that is the Democratic party in overwhelming numbers.

However, the more ‘woke’ white people we find, the worst they are getting burned by black supporters of the president!  In what appears to be a TikTok video of some white-bread family from the suburbs, the trio are lip-syncing to Daveed Diggs, who says some interesting things about the President of the United States and his supporters.

You can watch the hilarious video here:

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this is awkward

This is hilarious!

The race-baiters on the Left have no response to the support that Trump is receiving from black people across the United States.  As the ‘Trump is a white supremacist’ narrative gets nuked by his proven policy successes, the Left continues to traffic in lies that Donald Trump has never denounced white supremacy.

The president has done so repeatedly; therefore, the aforementioned narrative gets nuked by his proven policy successes that have benefited the black community tremendously.

It is great that we have brave men and women of color who are willing to come forward and speak the truth!

This is straight from the Left’s playbook Alinsky Rules for Radicals #5.

“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.’  There is no defense.  It’s irrational.  It’s infuriating.  It also works as a key pressure point to force the ‘enemy’ into concessions.”

Ultimately understanding their playbook is key!  When you provide facts to a liberal, and you have a white skin complexion, then clearly you’re a white supremacist.  However, should you also provide facts to a liberal, and you have more melanin in your skin, then the Left views you as an ‘Uncle Tom!’

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