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Brown University Prof. Demands Refunds From Airbnb Due to ‘Racist’ Trump Sign In Yard

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Providence, RI — Vacation — it’s supposed to be relaxing.  But for Cary Bueno, PhD, a researcher at Brown University, her planned attempt at some R&R from life’s stresses became a personal nightmare!

This nightmare really struck Dr. Bueno amid an attempted getaway to Maine.  The lady and her husband decided on lodging courtesy of Airbnb — a choice they’d live to regret. Naturally, the good and TDS afflicted doctor took to Twitter.

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My husband rented a place in Maine and when we arrived in the evening we saw Trump yard signs and other white nationalist symbols. I immediately was terrified and scared for my life and family safety

Personally, I had a Trump sign chasing me down the street recently trying to put me in a cage, but instead I caught the sign and put it in my front yard.  I doubt we’d ever be bueno friends!

The nightmare continued when she said, “I shouldn’t have to pay to stay at a place (where) I don’t feel safe,” she insisted. “And @AirbnbHelp at minimum should give me a full refund/voucher for all the trauma this experience has caused.”

Online, she laid out the “top symbols that invoke fear for Black people”:

  1. KKK symbols and flags
  2. Confederate flags and symbols
  3. Police lights /blue lives matter flag
  4. Trump signs and white terrorism slogans
  5. USA Flag — yes, this is a symbol used in many places to scare Black people

Of course, the couple didn’t remain at this getaway.

We left and @Airbnb says they cant do anything. Prime example how white companies make a BLM statement, but when (a) Black person tells them they didn’t feel safe, they do nothing.”

The economist is upset Airbnb, a company, doesn’t know what it’s like to be black. ”Disappointed @airBnb doesn’t understand the trauma of TRUMP signs on an @Airbnb rental causes (a) Black person. @Airbnb has a discrimination statement, but it’s only words, no action. What about believing a black person and making them retell a traumatizing experience? Do better.”

Bottom line, Airbnb should do a better job advertising just how openly racist they are against individuals who aren’t white.  Exceptional business advice, right. ”If they want to be racist, they need to post a complete picture so BIPOC know not to stay there. We need a greenbook for @Airbnb where we know we are safe.”

Unfortunately, in addition to Trump signs, she didn’t detail the “other” white nationalist images.

For decades, Donald Trump was a prominent, positive figure.  Nowhere was that more apparent than the world of rap.  Trump was beloved and hailed as a man who took care of his business.  Hollywood and the mainstream media loved him.  Many forget that Trump mentored black cultural influencer Russell Simmons.

But the moment Trump added an “R” at the end of his name and took on the Democratic challenger who was also the worst presidential candidate in the history of the United States, a mission began to change all that had occurred.

This is why long-time friend and famed, strong black man Herschel Walker doesn’t buy the narrative that continues to be crafted.

Rather, the new Donald Trump the MSM and others are crafting is that a long time ago, Hitler moved to New York City, became a real estate developer and mogul, reality TV star, and eventually ran for President of the United States.

It was strange that no one had noticed. America’s evil detector is in need of high maintenance. For those in the know, a vacation’s in major order. Instead, for Mrs. Bueno, what should’ve been great was no bueno.

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