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California forces citizens back into submission

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Sacramento, CA — California has been seeing a spike in coronavirus cases recently. The rise in cases has caused concern across the state in various groups. In response, the state has made the decision to force everyone across the state back into submission.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) rolled back reopening measures and forced the state back into lockdown. Indoor activities in restaurants, bars, museums, zoos, and movie theaters were all ordered to halt immediately. Many had just reopened in recent weeks, now forced back into submission.

Newsom also restricted certain counties whose activities are on the state’s monitoring list. According to the Wall Street Journal, this covers 80% of the state’s population. That was not the only bad news out of California.

The Los Angeles Unified School District said that the school year would start online, going against the request of President Trump and the Department of Education requests to start schools normally. The San Diego Unified School District said they would also start their school classes online. This accounts for just under 1 million students in the state.

The news comes as California reported almost 10,000 new cases of coronavirus on Monday, but only 23 deaths. Newsom cited concerns about patients in the ICU in rural parts of the state. There are 1,833 ICU beds taken by positive patients at this time across the state.

Other states and cities are looking at similar moves as they are experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases. This leaves citizens and businesses without many options, even if they follow all the guidelines given by the states.

Most states have said that wearing masks, social distancing, and appropriate handwashing will allow them to remain open. That is proving to not be the case. Now, Americans in these states are left to wonder, how can they survive.

It’s a valid question as the government continues to keep them from their work and their lives. It appears that the Democrats are frustrated. As the states started opening, the unemployment and the economy started to pick back up. They simply cannot afford to have that happen if they want to beat President Trump.

Maybe they are concerned that Americans will pick up on the many lies that they have been selling. If the masks, social distancing, and hygiene measures are being performed, why is the virus still spreading? These are more questions that must be answered by Democrats that are more focused on controlling Americans than allowing them to be free.

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