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CNN calls ABC News and Washington Post fake news

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Charlotte, NC – On Wednesday, new poll data was released relating to the 2020 election. The Washington Post and ABC News have new polls out that show President Trump leading Joe Biden in both Florida and Arizona. Trump has been showing behind in both polls for several months.

There are many comments about the polls since they were released, but one specific site that commented was CNN. In their attempt to try to downplay the polls, they called The Washington Post and ABC News fake news.

CNN says that Trump received his best polls in those states, but that you cannot believe the polls. They said that Biden is easily ahead nationally, but that the reasoning for the poll data is that the election is possibly in the margin of error. Which one is it CNN?

Either Biden is ahead, or the election is within the margin of error. It cannot be both and the most likely result is that the election is hovering pretty close to 2016 levels. The left simply cannot handle the fact that President Trump could possibly be leading Biden in the polls.

CNN goes on in the article to try to explain how these polls are actually still showing Biden in the lead, to minimize any positive reporting for President Trump. They shared that there are multiple ways for Biden to win without winning these two states. It is killing CNN that Trump may have some positive reporting.

Finally, they admit that the polls could be underestimating Trump near the end of the article. That’s the only comment about it. Not that the results are similar to 2016 in how they underestimated Trump.

CNN wants to discount ABC News and The Washington Post saying that these polls are not real and that they are fake. The truth is, these polls are very likely in these states. It is highly likely that President Trump will win Florida and Arizona both.

Another thing that must be considered is the Senate race in Arizona. The same polls were celebrated as having McSally trailing by 12 or more in Arizona. The same Washington Post/ABC News poll shows her down by 1 point. This is making the left’s heads spin!

They cannot believe that anyone would want to support conservative causes and values. They cannot believe that anyone would want another four years of President Trump. In 2016, they also told us no one wanted him in the first place.

There is little faith that we have in the polls, but these are certainly interesting to take a look at. If the movement continues, as it appears it is happening, President Trump is looking strong for a big win in November, no matter how much CNN hates it.

The truth of the matter is that all of these mainstream outlets are having difficulty gauging the US population’s preferences because of their own internal bias. While anything is possible in November, it’s highly unlikely this will be a landslide win by Joe Biden.

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