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CNN says left wing media is not obsessed with tearing down Trump

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Charlotte, NC — Have you ever read something so stupid, so incredibly delusional and insane that it made you think you were crazy? Did you go back and read it a few times over just to be sure you read it correctly? Did you then realize that indeed you did read it correctly and you are now dumber for it?

Perhaps you will feel as I did when you read and view the following social media post from the Daily Caller:

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STELTER: “When you see entire media companies essentially exist to tear down Joe Biden, is there an equivalent of that on the left, tearing down Trump?”GUEST: “There really isn’t.”

Read it.  Then read it again.  Now watch it.  You’ll want to have the sound on and turned up!

As Red State’s Kira Davis noted, “The truth is, this is indeed a clip of “Mr. Trump 24/7” himself on the “Never Trump 24/7” network complaining about networks that are obsessed with tearing down the leader of a political party they don’t like.”

“It wouldn’t be too difficult to find a myriad of deranged and obsessive CNN headlines, chyrons, stories, and tweets dedicated to insulting Trump, analyzing Trump, degrading Trump…”Trumptrumptrump Trumpety Trump Trumperoo….TRUMP,” said Davis.

Obviously, this lends itself toward the facetious but you get the point.  Should someone try and do this, they’d be inundated with countless examples.

There isn’t one single report, show, or clip that isn’t about Trump on both CNN and MSNBC networks.  It’s virtually impossible to distill the anti-Trump content from CNN.

Even clips of their anchors talking about the economy or virus testing or the environment or an international natural disaster or crisis…found nothing that did not mention Trump directly or include Trump in the graphics or chyrons.

But I really don’t have to, right?  We all get the point! It seems like the only people not in the know are the ones who work at TrumpNN CNN.

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