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CNN seems supportive of Black militia group that advocates attacking the US

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, CNN ran an article about an all-black militia group called NFAC. The NFAC stands for “Not F—ing Around Coalition” and is a group that has taken up organizing itself around the violent riots across the United States and police-involved shootings. The article from CNN shares a lot about the organization but leaves a lot of critical information out.

For example, the CNN article never once calls the group a black nationalist group. It never refers to the group as a black militia group or anything of the sort. In fact, the article does everything but include a signup link for the organization.

The article describes how the group is a peaceful group, that has marched with fists high in three cities without major incidents of violence. The authors share that the group is focused on peace and respect for black men, women, and children.

The problem is that in typical CNN fashion, the article is misleading and does not share the truth about this alt-left radical group.

The group was founded by a failed 2016 independent presidential candidate named John Fitzgerald Johnson. Johnson was an open supporter of many left-wing socialist agenda items and openly supported former President Barack Obama. Since his failed run at president, Johnson has decided to form and operate a black militia group.

Which is exactly what this group is. It is a left-wing, alt-left, black militia group. You will not hear that from CNN or the mainstream media, however. CNN praised the group for being highly disciplined.

They are so highly disciplined that earlier this year, three people were shot in Louisville as they irresponsibly handled firearms. Another firearm was discharged in Lousiana earlier this month. Thankfully, no one was injured in this careless act.

We have to really take a close look at the differences in how CNN reports on these groups. Take for example this article when they reported on the Proud Boys. They reference the group as a white nationalist group, a white supremacy group, and talked about how they promoted violence.

All throughout the article on NFAC, CNN did not talk about any violence or acts of the group. You do not have to look far to find it, however. Take a close look at this video from Johnson, who now goes by the name Grand Master Jay.

This certainly makes NFAC sound like a peaceful group doesn’t it? He openly calls for the establishment of their own country, to develop their own economy, to develop their own media and military. He says that he wants to acquire nuclear weapons then proceed to attack the United States of America.

I have zero tolerance for any nationalist militia group, white or black, that advocates that one skin color is better than another. I have no tolerance for a group that advocates destroying this nation that I love so much either.

Just as much as I have no tolerance for those things, I have zero tolerance for an organization, like CNN, who refuses to tell the truth about these organizations. This is not just a black group advocating for black people. This is an alt-left radical group that is advocating to destroy the United States. There is a big difference.

This is irresponsible journalism on the part of CNN and it shows the American people exactly where the organization stands. It’s not just supporting socialism and communism across the country. CNN seems to be supporting the complete destruction of the United States.

The truth CNN hid about a black nationalist group

An interesting article caught my attention on CNN over the weekend. The title of the article was “An all-Black group is arming itself and demanding change. They are the NFAC,” and it was found over on CNN. NFAC stands for “Not F’ing Around Coalition.” The group has gained some popularity in light of the BLM movement and has grown in size.

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