College Professor Facing Firing For Not Confirming to Democrat Diversity Teaching

College Professor Facing Firing For Not Confirming to Democrat Diversity Teaching

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Charlotte, N.C. – According to Inside Higher Edan associate professor of politics at Converse College in South Carolina says he’s facing possible termination for publicly refusing to complete newly mandated diversity and antibias training.

“My department chairman has informed me that the administration intends to dismiss me for insubordination and other reasons,” said the professor, Jeffrey Poelvoorde, via email. “I’m going to the mat on this one.”

Political Science Professor, Jeffrey Poelvoorde, said that Converse recently told employees to complete mandatory diversity and bias training, in response to the murder of George Floyd by police and other events.

Instead of watching the two training modules, Poelvoorde wrote an open letter to the college explaining his intention to defy the new requirement. He also expressed outrage that the college’s previous public statements condemning Floyd’s murder did not even condemn protests that turned violent. In particular, Poelvoorde mentioned David Dorn, the late Black retired police officer who was killed while providing security to a store in St. Louis.

“Our leaders profess that ‘Black Lives Matter,'” Poelvoorde wrote in his letter. “But is it ALL Black Lives or only SOME Black Lives that matter to them? Perhaps they are only concerned about the loss of the Black Lives that confirms their political narrative and supports their progressive ideology.”

Since the 1960s, public and private institutions of education (including our nation’s public schools) have brainwashed our children. Ultimately teaching a top-down and tier method of learning directed from government, which stifles creativity and allows our nation’s youth to exit likes shells of sheep, blinded by reality of life and sacrifice. Entitlement is the educational mantra in America today.

For over 60-years, higher education has mandated liberal-conformity – and now, during this Democratic-dive into fictional diversity, those who object will be forced out. From kindergarten to college classrooms, the liberal-indoctrination of children is at the forefront of the left, showering our nation’s children with socialist-ideology to elongate the anti-Conservative hatred for generations to come.

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