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Columnist describes how Democrats will not give up and will not accept 2020 election results

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Charlotte, NC — The closer the presidential election gets — 57 days and counting — the further the Trump Deranged Democratic Party goes off the rails, hyperbolically insisting — with zero facts or even a hint of suggestion to back them up — that President Trump would try to steal the election.

Then, for months, the media and their Democratic allies have discussed this idiocy about Trump refusing to leave the White House as if he’s going to barricade himself inside the Oval Office.  Naturally, this only happens if he loses.  Any more words, let alone sentences, is both a waste of time and brain cells.

The Democratic psychosis that has been slowly infected since the big, bad, orange man came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower in 2015.  Should Dementia Joe lose the election, Donald Trump won’t be the one going off the deep end.

Allow me to introduce columnist Miranda Devine who spoke with “Fox & Friends Weekend” this past Saturday.

Essentially, she predicted a review/preview of how the Democrat Party will react if Trump wins.  You’ll be shocked to find out it is precisely how they have behaved the last four years with an ominous warning thrown in for good measure. “[T]he Democrats have no intention of accepting defeat at the ballot box. If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain’t seen anything yet.

And what they’re doing is effectively threatening violence if Biden does not win, and it’s just a variation on the theme that Biden talked to [in] Pittsburgh, during the week when he said if you don’t vote for him, ‘ya ain’t safe.’” Devine was right, of course.

During Biden’s disastrous campaign speech in front of a massive crowd of 6 people in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, he all but threatened that the violence that has marred American cities for more than three months would continue if Trump wins re-election, “because for years he has fomented it.”

This is extortion!

Devine called the Democrat strategy both despicable and dishonest, given that “Democrat proxies” are committing the violence, not “right-wing agitators,” as Democrats and the liberal media have suggested.

It’s pretty despicable, but that is everything you need to know, and it’s also very dishonest because the scenarios they put together show it’s actually the Democrat proxies in the street, the supposedly ‘peaceful protests’ — we’ve heard that, before, and yet the Republicans are ‘supposed to’ send in a whole bunch of violent agitators, which is exactly the opposite of what’s been happening.”

Devine warned that “we are at an incredibly volatile point in this country’s history, and this is just pouring gasoline on the fire.”

“It is really reprehensible to be muddying the election night results like this, because everybody on either side is going to assume that the other side has cheated, and they’re being encouraged now by the Democrats to take to the streets by whatever means necessary to make democracy happen — and democracy from their point of view is only if Joe Biden wins.”

To Devine’s point, Biden has repeatedly charged — again, with zero proof — his “greatest concern” is Trump “will try to steal the election.”

Nancy Pelosi has also been among Democrats who insist Trump will try to cheat — albeit with a twist, recently suggesting Trump will try to undermine the election by corrupting the U.S. Postal Service.

And, of course, there’s the woman who refuses to stay in the woods, Hillary Clinton, recently continued the DNC extortion plan by warning Biden “not to concede under any circumstances.

The same Hillary who in 2016 was apoplectic after Trump said in an early debate he didn’t know if he would accept the election results. Same Hillary, also, who has spent four years whining about losing, blaming everything from “Russian collusion,” to the basket of deplorables, to minority voter suppression, to everyone and everything not named Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats and their liberal media lapdogs are worried. If they weren’t, why would they sound like it so much? If they were as assured that Biden will oust Trump in November as they say they are, why are they running around looking and talking like paranoid fools? If you’re at all like me, you’re not at all sorry for the amount of paranoia that has completely run the left looney!

Democrats have never been able to wrap their smug heads around the reality that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 — that the reality TV show host beat the smartest person in the universe. The thought of that happening again is too much for them to bear.

Just to be sure, “Gumaraid” summed it up for Republicans, “here is your clarion call to run every damned Democrat from office this year: “If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain’t seen anything yet. … Democrats have no intention of accepting defeat at the ballot box.” ⁦

Fifty-seven days, and counting, America. Stock up on popcorn; it’s going to be a wild ride.

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