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Conservative news aggregator now displaying Black Lives Matter logo on front page

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Charlotte, NC – A popular conservative news aggregator, Mixi.Media, is displaying Black Lives Matter on its front page. This screenshot below shows the front page of the website on July 3, with the black fist logo of Black Lives Matter. Later in the day on July 3, a Black Lives Matter yellow box was shown in place of the fist.

Screen Shot of front page from 7/3/2020 screen shot
This screenshot shows the second Black Lives Matter logo on the page

When the logo was initially found, clicking it would take you to the donation page for Black Lives Matter. Now, the logo appears to just be a logo on the page without any link. Many popular conservative outlets have articles on the aggregator’s site, and some have partnered with the site, appearing to allow the website to place content on their page in exchange for sharing their articles.

Simply being listed on the website does not immediately mean that the conservative news outlet is supporting the website’s initiative. I reached out to one website owner who stated that he was unaware that the Black Lives Matter information was on the page. He was concerned and hoped that The Liberty Loft would be able to get a response from the website. does not list contact information on its website, but we were able to secure a contact for someone who works with the site. I reached out to the individual, but as of the time of this article, no response was received. If I receive a response, I will provide an update through The Liberty Loft website.

News aggregators are popular across the internet in the conservative media. One of the most popular aggregators was Drudge Report. Drudge Report has lost favor among conservatives, giving way to other smaller aggregators, like or

The Black Lives Matter movement is responsible for the defund the police movement and much of the violence and destruction we have witnessed in the past few months. The destructive rioters have pledged their allegiance to the BLM movement, and the organization has not denounced them.

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