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Democrats and media push false coronavirus narrative again

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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) tested positive for the coronavirus. The test came just before a trip on Air Force One with President Trump during a prescreening according to sources. As soon as that happened, the Democrats and media flew into their false narratives.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) called Republican behavior “totally irresponsible.” He told reporters that Gohmert worked out at the House gym and attended the AG Barr hearing after testing positive. Both accusations were inaccurate.

Hoyer then tried to correct, saying that Sen. Rand Paul was guilty of this action, but that was inaccurate as well. Immediately after testing positive, Paul went into quarantine. For Gohmert, he gathered his things and immediately set out to drive home to Texas.

The Washington Examiner shared that Politico also tweeted incorrect information about Gohmert not wearing a mask around the Capitol. Gohmert wore his mask, just like his colleagues, when required.

While many of the Republicans have not agreed with the masks requirement, they have complied with them anywhere they are required. It’s common among the lawmakers to remove them while they are speaking.

Democrats have railed on President Trump for spreading false information about the coronavirus. Social media companies, like Twitter, have removed videos and statements because of accusations about false information.

False information is acceptable for Democrats if they are the ones spreading it. Much of the coronavirus information being spread is opinion, rather than truth. For the Democrats, the only truth in the world is their opinion.

They continually attack President Trump and Republicans for their stance on coronavirus. For example, they quickly started attacking the character of Stella Immanuel, one of the doctors that recently spoke out about coronavirus. As you consider the opinions about coronavirus, you have to understand that people will look at things differently.

There is something called the practice of medicine. Two doctors may not treat an illness in the exact same way. Especially when the disease is newly discovered or evolving. Yet, different opinions are not acceptable in the case of coronavirus. The only acceptable solution is to force everyone into government dependence at home.

I am not saying that hydroxychloroquine is the answer, but it could be for some people. Is it possible the medication works for some and not for others? Absolutely. Everyone’s body responds differently.

The media continues to cover for the Democrats. Any ideas from the right are misinformation and censored. Misinformation on the left, that is obvious, is allowed to exist without coverage. The bias is ridiculous.

There is no magic pill for coronavirus. No one wants to see it spread unnecessarily, but we cannot afford to shut our society down entirely. We have to find ways to continue our lives, while this virus exists. We simply cannot close out options because we do not like different opinions.

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