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Democrats are begging for Republicans to bail them out

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Charlotte, NC — Over the past few weeks, multiple Democrats have spoken out about the need for the federal government to step in and bail out state and local governments. The Democrats proposed this back several months ago as part of the Heroes Act. They wanted billions of dollars for state and local governments, to help cover up all their failures.

Failed leadership is evident across the country. In California, the state is facing critical budget shortfalls. To counter the shortfalls, Democrats decided to send more spending bills to the governor.

Obviously, if you spend more money then more will just show up in the accounts, right? In Los Angeles, the mayor warns that layoffs are pending and that they are trying to recover 10% of labor costs through furloughs. The picture is no better across the country.

In New York, the state’s budget deficit is growing dramatically. Experts warn that action must be taken to help counter the deficit, specifically a bailout. In New York City, the mayor and hundreds of staff members are taking a 1-week furlough in an attempt to cut expenses. The move is far from enough to address budget issues.

In Illinois, the same broken record plays as lawmakers are finding themselves in a budget crunch. Democratic leaders urged Republicans to come to their rescue with a bailout plan for their government.

They all see that they are in trouble. They see the looming crisis and the need to address their financial issues. The problem is, they do not see some of the basic causes of those issues.

One website,, took a closer look at each of these states in a recent study. Some of their findings will amaze you. The issues in these states are easy to see.

In California, nearly 400,000 workers make over $100,000, well above the national average. In Los Angeles County, 44 lifeguards earn between $300,000 and $365,000. In Pelosi’s hometown of San Francisco, nearly 10,000 workers earn over $200,000, and one sheriff made over $300,000 in overtime.

In New York, almost 300,000 workers make over $100,000, a total cost of over $38 billion. Plumbers that work for the City of New York are making over $285,000. One retired professor is making over half a million in pension.

In Illinois, 110,000 workers make over the $100,000 mark. Many doctors at the state universities are paid in excess of $2 million. According to the article and their figures, “an Illinois family of four now owes more in unfunded pension liabilities ($76,000) than they earn in household income ($63,585).”

Democrats claim that the problem is we are not spending enough and we are not doing enough. In those states that are spending and doing more as the Democrats want, they are about to crumble into a financial crisis. How are we to believe that spending will help?

Democrats are crying out for conservatives to save them yet again. They need conservatives to step up to the plate. They need taxpayers from fiscally responsible states to bail out those who live in states that are grossly negligent with their tax revenues. This type of bailout should never happen.

Democrats are arguing that President Trump is to blame for what is happening in these states and local governments. They claim it’s his fault that there is not a bailout plan to help the failed leadership of Democrats across the country. The evidence is clear, Democrats have no clue how to be responsible in government.

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Democrats look to Conservatives for a bailout

Across the country, areas under Democrat leadership are facing a crisis. It’s a pandemic of epic proportions. No, this is not the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Democrat pandemic. Its failed leadership and failed policy that is leaving their cities and states in the middle of crazy financial crisis.  Now that they have driven their states and cities into ruin, Democrats are looking to conservatives to bail them out.

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