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Democrats claim to have a plan, but can’t agree on anything

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Charlotte, NC — Just last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden both declared that the American people gave them a mandate in the election. Their comments come as they try to unify people behind their mission and their purpose. While the Democrats have a platform, it often seems at odds with what they say.

Pelosi and the Democrats have retained control in the House, but the presidency is still undecided. The election was far from a decisive mandate as Democrats would like to claim. They lost multiple seats in the house and failed to see the blue wave they were predicting.

Without the Senate majority, it’s unlikely that the Democrats will accomplish anything in this congressional cycle. Even if they win the presidency after the legal cases are settled, there are limitations on what Biden can do via executive order. Republicans are sure to challenge anything he does in the courts.

Still, they claim a mandate. But they have no clear vision for what that mandate is. The party is as divided itself as the American people are.

On the one hand, you have the wildly progressive side of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Both advocate for socialist ideas and continue to drive class war and division among Americans.

Soon after the election, AOC went to Twitter to suggest that a repository of Trump supporters be created in an attempt to hold these people accountable. Accountable for holding a different position? Or is it to discriminate against them for being different.

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Lol at the “party of personal responsibility” being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over last four years

The views of AOC and Bernie Sanders are at odds with that of someone like Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who claims to be moderate, is anything other than a fair-weather Democrat. He will say or do anything to win an election.

Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) both come from the school of thought that Democrats need moderate voters to survive. They do not believe that they can win an election without these moderates backing them. They proceed with caution on the progressive agenda as not to lose those moderates.

Except that is exactly what they are doing. In the election, moderates did not side with Democrats giving them the advantage. Why? Because the Democrats have no vision for our country other than to allow AOC and the squad to continue their Marxist agenda to further divide our country.

While I do believe there are voting discrepancies across the country, I do believe Joe Biden won the trust of many Americans because he has the appearance of being “middle of the road.” The problem is that Joe Biden cannot hold this middle of the road charade for much longer.

He has a wildly progressive running mate. He has made deals and sold the nation’s soul, the one he claimed to be fighting for, to the progressive radicals. They believe that they can influence him to win their way if he were to be in the White House.

Then you have the Pelosi and Schumer’s of the world who seem to be hesitant. Pelosi found herself at odds with the squad in the previous congressional session for refusing their agenda. Pelosi had to find a way to balance that agenda while not risking moderate Democrats.

It’s a game that the Democrats cannot continue to play. I do not believe that the majority of moderates in this country want this progressive agenda and socialism. If they did, Biden and the Democrats should have easily won this election.

Instead, the American people told the Democrats that they were not on board. The ultimatum was not given to Democrats, but rather to Conservatives.

It looks like Republicans will hold the Senate. If Democrats were to win the White House, conservatives in Congress must stand strong. Americans left them in place to block this progressive movement.

I believe that in two years, Republicans could win control of the House of Representatives again. Americans will continue to put conservatives in place, rejecting the radical ideals of the left. They just need Democrats to remain divided and continue to show just how crazy they really are.

A Progressive Plan To Deal With Conservatives

It is no secret that the Democrats want to eliminate conservatives from existence. They have not hidden their plans. A new recent suggestion by AOC was that a database of conservatives who supported President Trump should be created to “hold them accountable” in the future.

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