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Democrats complain because Trump acted without them

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, President Trump signed executive orders to provide coronavirus aid to some Americans, after talks for an aid package with Congress had stalled. In the signed orders, Trump extended unemployment benefits at $400 per week, deferred payroll tax for anyone making under $100,000 annually, continued deferment of student loan payments, and extended the freeze on evictions.

While Trump acted without Democrats, they were quick to criticize the move. Pelosi called the orders desperate, claiming that the move did not make much of a difference for Americans. The actions are expected to draw continued criticism, and possibly lawsuits.

One has to ask the question of why, however. Why would Democrats want to file a lawsuit over items they wanted for Americans anyway? They are mad because they did not get their way.

If Republicans would have continued to negotiate, the expectation would have been that they would have caved to ridiculous demands of the Democrats. Republicans had offered a temporary compromise to extend unemployment aid at the same $600. They had even offered cash payments to Americans as was done previously.

The Democrats were not having it though. It was simply not enough for them. They would have continued to press more and more. They were not going to be happy without spending trillions more.

So now they will criticize that the President did exactly what they wanted. He gave money to those who were unemployed, more than the Republicans had initially proposed in the Heals Act. He put money back into the pockets of Americans, while restricting it on those who are higher-income earners through the payroll tax deferral.

Democrats will argue that it was simply not enough. Everyone should have received the money they will say. People will not be able to survive off the $400, as opposed to the $600 that they were getting.

The move by Trump is a bold move, but also a smart move. He addressed some key matters that Democrats should not oppose. It’s items that they should support, but their arguments will help him in November.

The Democrats have long stood for removing student loan debt. Are they seriously going to argue about the President waiving those payments for the rest of the year? Are they going to argue his help for the unemployed, or for those who work those hourly jobs that have been greatly affected by coronavirus?

You bet they will. They will argue it just because it was President Trump who did it. They will argue it all the way up to the election, because he did something without Congressional approval.

I must say that I am happy that Trump took this action as opposed to the massive spending bill that would have taken place in Congress. The thing that I do not like is that he had to act through executive order. I am not a fan of Presidents acting as though they rule by the ink pen versus working through our Congress as it should be.

The unfortunate truth is that some sort of action was going to happen. Whether it was needed or not, something was going to be done as Democrats and the media have continued to rail on the need for a package.

Now, Pelosi says the package does not make a difference. It does not help those who earn less than $100,000, or those paying student loans. It will not help those who may be in a housing crisis, or those who are unemployed. Anyone in these groups needs to pay specific attention here.

The Democrats are not interested in you or your needs. They are only interested in power and your vote. They are only interested in forcing you into government dependence and communism. To believe anything else is simply naive.

Each time Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer open their mouth in the coming days, remember that. Remember that they believe this President did nothing for you. Even though they continued to fight for things that would not make a difference, the President did act directly for those Americans who are probably hurting the most.

For Democrats, this entire event is not about America, helping Americans, protecting Americans, or getting America back open. This entire thing is about how they can control you and your family. It is about how they can control every single aspect of your life. It’s time to wake up and pay attention.

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