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Democrats Continue To Side With Iran

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On Tuesday night, Democrats continued to side with Iran. After President Trump gave orders to the US military to kill Soleimani, Iran vowed it would retaliate. Everyone knew that Iran would make a stupid decision. It was inevitable that they would retaliate in some manner.

Whether you agree with Trump’s decision to eliminate Soleimani in Iraq or not, he was a terrorist. Responsible for thousands of deaths, Soleimani was an evil individual. Much of the conversation around Democrats and the main stream media has referred to Soleimani as a military leader or a diplomat.

On Tuesday night, Soleimani now becomes a significant figure. Rep. Steny Hoyer says that it should be expected for someone to retaliate after you take out a significant figure. The Democrats continue to refuse to call Soleimani what he was – a terrorist.

The arguments by the left that Trump should have informed them are mute points. As mentioned in our article last night, Obama made multiple strikes, over 2800 in fact. He did not seek congressional approval of these strikes. Obama made the decision to act, which was never questioned by Democrats at the time. But since they hate this President, it’s an issue.

Later in his statements, Hoyer finally says that Soleimani was a terrorist, but only as he continues to blame President Trump and the threats Trump makes. Their only actions are a continuing hate of President Trump. While I know it’s satire, it would not be far from believable if the Democrats did ask for flags at half staff for Iran. The Democrats continue to say they do not hate Trump, but there’s little to prove otherwise.

For example, they not only sought impeachment and to try to force Trump out of office, now they continue to seek to limit his power. The progressives are pushing for limits to his authority and funding for any potential war. Pelosi wrote that this was to keep American’s safe, but is that really true?

Pelosi responded quickly after the most recent attacks blaming Trump for continuing to escalate the situation. She stated that the world could not afford war. Pelosi and other Democrats are quick to say there should be no response to Iran, without knowing the full outcome of the attack. If US military members were killed, I fully expect there could be a response.

President Trump is putting the Democrats on record on Iran. If the Democrats refuse to allow Trump to protect our service members and American lives, the Democrats in essence are abandoning our military and the American people. Of course, they learned this quickly from President Obama who chose to abandon American’s at the Benghazi base. If they choose to abandon them here, it would be no surprise.

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