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Democrats prove again that coronavirus is political for them

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday, Senate Democrats blocked a GOP coronavirus relief bill that had been proposed. Republicans had worked behind the scenes to secure at least 51 votes, needing only 9 Senators to support the measure. The measure only received 52 votes of the 60 needed to pass, with all Democrats voting against it.

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BREAKING: Senate Democrats scuttled a scaled-back GOP coronavirus rescue package, saying the measure shortchanged too many pressing needs. The defeat seems likely to end hopes for coronavirus relief before the November election.

In his comments, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that the vote was pointless and that Republicans were the enemy of good. Yes, Chuck Schumer said that it was pointless to provide aid to Americans. This comes after Schumer said that aid needed to be provided immediately in July.

If the aid was necessary immediately, one would think that Democrats would have quickly passed a proposed aid package to allow the reconciliation of bills between the House and Senate. Instead, Schumer and his Democrat counterparts decided that politics was more important and refused to pass any aid.

Democrats have demanded that aid is needed and it is needed immediately for Americans, but they have refused to negotiate in good faith with Republicans. Instead, they want to play politics with the aid package, showing that the package is probably not needed at the level they claim. This is a lack of leadership from those Democrats.

Soon after the vote, the White House has shared that they are considering more action without Congress. President Trump previously passed multiple measures by way of an executive order. Congress had continued to negotiate measures, without any success ahead of Thursday’s vote.

President Trump has indicated that he is open to sending more money to Americans, out of a $300 billion stash of funds from the first coronavirus relief bill. The White House has also indicated that they are willing to go up to a $1.5 trillion price tag for aid, up from the $1.1 trillion proposed by congressional Republicans. This is just not enough for Democrats because they are not really interested in aid.

The Democrats are only concerned with politics, as they want to continue to make the Chinese coronavirus a President Trump problem. They want to lay the blame on Trump and Republicans for everything, yet they are the ones that continue to cause the issues.

Based on recent reports, the question becomes is the aid actually needed? The economy still has strong reports. If reopening measures are underway by states, these states are starting to recover well. Would it not make more sense to reopen the states and allow the economy to recover?

The economy is open for the elite members of the country, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other elitists are enjoying all the things that their constituents are not able to enjoy. While they are taking salon days and mask free strolls through public spaces, American small businesses are closing and struggling due to government overreach.

With this latest collapse, Democrats have virtually ended any potential relief before the November election. They have taken their stand, and Americans should take note. If there was a need for coronavirus aid, the only way Americans are going to get it is through President Trump’s executive orders.

Democrats are playing politics with the coronavirus pandemic. The pandemic that they have claimed must be taken serious and have blamed on President Trump is only being addressed by President Trump. When you look for where the leadership is coming from in the coronavirus pandemic, it is not coming from the Democrats. They are only focused on winning an election.

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