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Democrats to sue over Trump orders as Pelosi says they do nothing for Americans

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, Democrats began to make their rounds to talk about the legal actions that they will take against President Trump’s executive orders. As previously reported, President Trump signed executive orders on Saturday, which upset Democrats. The Democrats immediately questioned the constitutionality of the orders and said that they would challenge them in the courts.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi joined CNN to make comments on the actions as well. Pelosi said that the legality of the orders would take time to figure out, echoing the remarks of one GOP Senator. She then proceeded and said that she was focused on addressing the needs of the American people.

In other words, the American people did not need any of these things that President Trump did. Pelosi says that Americans do not need unemployment benefits, more money in their paychecks, deferment of student loans, or protection from evictions. Those moves do nothing to help American people.

That is certainly interesting, seeing as how that each of these things were items included in the Heroes Act that Democrats had pressed for. They were not the same dollar amounts or methods used, but they accomplished the same goal.

The hypocrisy of the Democrats is on full display here. She says Americans do not need those things. So what does she think Americans need? Let’s go back and take a closer look.

Apparently, Americans do not need things that will directly affect their paychecks, money, livelihood, etc. They need things like wireless hotspots, wildlife research, and museum research. Yes, that’s what was in the Heroes Act that Americans apparently needed.

They had also asked for criminal justice reform, additional protections for the LGBTQ community, and an override to voter ID regulations. We can certainly see how all of those will benefit Americans dealing with a pandemic, right?

Pelosi and Schumer will criticize the move by Trump, but each of the items does directly affect Americans, their paychecks, and their homes. The items proposed by Democrats only have benefits for their pet projects and socialist ideas. It again proves that Democrats are not concerned with helping the American people.

Now to get to the real details. Am I happy that President Trump made this action, and do I believe it’s constitutional? No, I am not excited about it. I am not 100% convinced that it is constitutional either. It was, however, a brilliant move.

He now has Democrats on record saying that Americans did not need any of the items that he ordered. He has them on record saying that putting money and other benefits in their hands was pointless. I am not sure how much more clear of a case you can make to the American people about who is actually concerned about putting Americans first.

I have said many times that I do not believe that President Trump is perfect. He is far from a career politician and a perfect man. I do believe that he loves his country and really wants to do what is best for Americans.

He really wants people to see the corruption and the destruction that the Democrats are seeking to bring to our country. This is not just simple political games anymore. This is truly a fight for the existence and future of our free nation. I just hope that Americans are paying attention.

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