Do Black Lives Matter to Black People?

Do Black Lives Matter to Black People?

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Charlotte, N.C. – On Sunday night, a “mass casualty” shooting involving over 100 rounds occurred in Charlotte, N.C. Over 100 shots were fired into a crowd of around 400 people, which left three people dead, and 11 people injured. Witnesses state that people were celebrating Juneteenth. Do black lives matter to black people?

In America’s “murder capital” of Chicago, 104 people were shot, 14 fatally, over Father’s Day weekend. Five children were among those killed. The Windy City saw its highest number of gun violence victims in a single weekend this year. Do black lives matter to black people?

Throughout the nation, BLM and other organizations are protesting the lives taken of African-Americans by the hands of rogue cops. However, it would appear that the Black Lives Matter movement fails to comprehend that black-on-black crime is the real culprit against the preservation of African-American life in the United States. 

Murder By Numbers

According to a National Review article dated December 5, 2019, homicide-victimization rates for black men were 3.9 times the national average and that 52 percent of all known homicide victims were black.  From 1976 to 2005, 94 percent of black victims were killed by other African Americans. 

Are Americans to believe that these statistics are racist? Absolutely, not. First, violent crime is commonly intraracial, i.e., whites kill whites, Hispanics kill Hispanics, and so on. In the wake of the destruction of our democracy under the pretense of racial injustice, we must look at the facts. 

According to Thomas Abt’s book Bleeding Out (2019), the reason [we] focus more on black-on-black violence nowadays is not racism but rather its significance to the problem in the United States. 

From 2000 to 2015, the mean African-American homicide-victimization rate, adjusted for age, was 20.1 per 100,000. That’s more than three times the Hispanic rate of 6.4 (despite disadvantages compared to those of blacks) and over seven times the average white rate, 2.7. 

Amid the shooting in Charlotte, multiple community activists stated that the BLM Movement could not move forward as long as “blacks continue to kill blacks.” Charlotte rapper, DaBaby, held an event with local officials and organizers to have an open conversation about the Black Lives Matter movement. 

So, the question remains. In the age of social injustice, riots, and protests, do black lives matter to black people? 

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