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Eating pancakes or waffles is racist, just ask Aunt Jemima

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Charlotte, NC – Our nation is on a mission to eliminate racism in all areas. On Wednesday, we eliminated racism from breakfast, because eating waffles and pancakes across this country is racist. At least, that’s according to Quaker Oats, the owner of the Aunt Jemima brand.

The company announced that it would change the brand name and remove the image of the black woman that has been part of the brand for over 130 years. One would think that there would be an outcry from those upset of the removal of the image of a black individual representing a major brand. Instead, the politically correct crowd is celebrating the move by the company.

Leftists across the country were celebrating the move and calling on other brands to start addressing causes. For example, some were talking about the Washington Redskins name. Others were saying that it was time for additional brands to make these social cause moves.

For anyone who has ever picked up the bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup, the use of that was never about racism. It was about wanting something delicious to put on top of a nice warm stack of pancakes or a hot waffle. Never in a million years did I pick up a bottle, celebrating that it was representative of racism.

Never once have I went through a store shopping and looked for an item just because it represented something racist in the past. I’ve said many times that I do not celebrate or think that racism was ever appropriate. This is getting absolutely out of control, however.

This cause is no longer about racism. That went away many years ago. This is about the complete transformation of America. If you believe anything otherwise, you are not paying attention to the details.

The left is using this movement to implement its plan for transformation of the country. The NY Times had an opinion piece that shared a lot of information along these lines several weeks ago. Several social media posts were shared that outlined how this is a political movement. It’s just marketed as a racial movement.

Another article says that they are happy with the posts, but that people are looking for policy change. What is that policy change? Socialism of course. They want to completely dismantle everything that America is, and implement socialism.

The Black Lives Matter movement claims that it is a neo-Marxist group. The teachings of Karl Marx is that of social inequality. It believes that capitalism creates a disadvantaged group in society and that the social classes it creates cause conflict. It is a them versus us mentality and that no one can become rich or powerful without accomplishing this on the backs of the working class.

These are the same arguments that AOC and her Democratic Socialists of America have argued for many years. Young Americans have heard and are believing the arguments. Now, we are left with a society that actually believes they are entitled to everything, rather than the belief that it takes work and effort.

They want to be given free wages. They demand free healthcare, free education, and free homes. Not because they have worked for it or earned it, but because they deserve it.

There are many across the conservative circles that will argue against this move to remove Aunt Jemima because it’s brought up by conservative commentators. Before you go arguing the point, know why you are arguing. It’s more than just simply saying a breakfast food is racist. This is part of a bigger plan that is working to reshape our entire country.

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