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Election fraud continues to be exposed in vote by mail cases

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Charlotte, NC – Across the country, election fraud cases continue to be an issue. President Trump has warned that election fraud is a major concern and that elections through vote by mail is a bad idea. While the left continues to say that election fraud is not an issue and there are no proven cases of it.

DC attorney Mike Yoder shared a tweet last week exposing several cases of voter fraud. In his string of tweets, Yoder shared that fraud cases were proven across the country, with other security and identification issues. You can see the start of the string below.

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Thread: Voter Fraud is NOT a mythCHICAGO, IL – July 30, 2020Officers seized 1,513 shipments from overseas containing 19,888 fraudulent U.S. driver’s licenses, the majority of which came from China and Hong Kong.https://t.co/W9fAqYuaXZ

Voter fraud cases were proven in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, California, Florida, and more. If you didn’t notice, several of those states are toss-up states where President Trump either won, or needs to win again in the fall. Thousands of ballots across the country were fraudulent in these cases.

The left continues to say that these simply do not exist. Twitter censored Yoder’s account this week due to another post that he made. He shared photos, forcing him to remove them, of ballots in Colorado that were designed to allow you to see if a ballot was Republican or not. Twitter said that the tweets were providing false information about voting or registering to vote.

After a push by some against the move, and forcing Yoder to remove the tweets, Twitter finally unblocked his account again. Should we be surprised that this happened? Especially after we learned that Twitter’s top communication official is Kamala Harris former Press Secretary.

Democrats and the media continue to argue that vote by mail is the only way we can safely and effectively vote this fall. All the while, refusing any sort of identification is used for identifying the voter.

As in the cases cited by Yoder, voter fraud is going to occur and, in a significant way, this fall if we proceed with vote by mail. The Democrats and the media will argue that this is Trump trying to sway the election. It seems to be another case where they are doing something corrupt and blaming someone else for it as they usually do.

I will take a much more in-depth look at voter fraud and vote by mail issues on my podcast episode that will release on Friday. You can find The Jared Dyson Show on Apple or Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere else you like to listen to podcasts.

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