Elizabeth Warren’s case to be Biden’s running mate

Warren’s case to be Biden running mate

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Washington, DC – Most left-wing media outlets agree that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is the front runner to be Biden’s running mate. We recently covered this in some detail in an article about the most likely candidates. She has officially opened her campaign for the position.

This week, Warren made statements on the healthcare system in the United States. Rather than pushing her Medicare for All pitch, she instead pushed for bolstering the Affordable Care Act. This is a dramatic shift for her amid the fiery accusations she made in the primary against Biden and his plan.

Previously, Warren accused Biden of repeating Republican talking points. She suggested that his plan would increase insurance profits and help large drug manfufacturers.

Now, Warren says that strengthening the Obamacare act is the best way forward. She also recently joined Biden to co-author an OpEd showing that she is trying to put the past behind them.

Choosing Warren as a potential VP will be a little bit of a risk for Biden. Warren has been outspoken with her “plans” as part of her own campaign. She literally had a plan for nearly everything. She seemed to be willing to say anything to win a vote.

Biden will certainly face pressures from the Trump campaign about those plans of Warren if she is selected. Most of those plans contradict things Biden has indicated he supports. Of course, he can always choose someone else.

Biden needs a strong candidate to help him. He has indicated that he may not seek a second term in office. Joe is not getting younger either. People will want to feel confident that his running mate could step in if needed.

Some have suggested Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) or Stacey Abrams, a failed Democrat candidate for governor of Georgia, as potential running mates. Both are younger and are minority candidates.

Warren has a much stronger political background than both of those. As she continues to navigate her position, there’s one other key thing to watch for.

Evidence has continued to mount against Biden and the sexual assault allegations. There’s also new investigations into Hunter Biden and potential dealings in Ukraine. It’s possible Biden could be forced out before the election.

Warren would then be presumed to become the front runner candidate if Biden were forced out. Even if Biden does make it through, consideration has to be given to the fact that Warren will be the most likely front runner in 2024 since Biden may not seek reelection.

Warren is on the short list of candidates and has indicated she would accept if asked. I have read reports some donors are concerned about Warren and that she may cost Biden the election.

If Biden selects Warren, there is a concern about this. Independent voters were not interested in Warren in the primary. She polled horribly against them when in a head to head matchup with Trump. If Independents consider that they are simply voting on a transitional candidate in Biden, it will spell trouble.

There’s also the concern about how Biden maybe embracing socialist plans. Ben Shapiro of The DailyWire recently wrote about this. Shapiro said that Biden has embraced some of the socialist policies in an attempt to appeal across the board. As Ben highlights, this will no doubt lead to a big election loss for Biden.

Biden is banking on Warren appealing across the aisle if she is selected. The real question is does Biden need that appeal? It seems that all Democrats are hedging on the socialist platform, however. Especially given the recently proposed Heroes Act.

Democrats were not excited about the socialist plans in the primary. They pushed Biden to the front because he was a more “stable” candidate. By selecting Warren and moving left, Biden will give the election to Trump. It’s something conservatives everywhere should probably come to expect and celebrate as it happens.

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