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Ex-DHS official says that right-wing extremists are trying to start a race war

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Charlotte, NC — A former Department of Homeland Security official is saying that right-wing extremists are trying to start a race war amid the violent riots across the US. Elizabeth Neumann, who started in the President George W Bush administration, says that Antifa and Black Lives Matter are not a concern for Americans. She said the real concern should be with white supremacists.

In her continued comments, Neumann said there is a need for honest discussions about the real threats to Americans. She said that President Trump has given permission to white supremacists to think what they are doing is acceptable. I am certain that her comments are unbiased right?

Neumann established the group called Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform, or Repair. The group is working to get Republicans to abandon President Trump and his agenda to favor a more moderate approach. She, along with others, has appeared in videos for Republican Voters Against Trump.

She is an open supporter of Joe Biden, campaigning for Republicans, and Christians, to abandon Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden. We have shared the concerns for people of faith to support Joe Biden in previous articles, but the issue here is not faith, but rather social issues and acceptance.

As you look at the situation, one has to question her expertise as she says that Antifa is not a threat. While I agree that white supremacy has no place in the United States and should be stopped, are we simply saying it is ok for Antifa and Black Lives Matter to march through the streets and destroy?

These two groups continue to destroy businesses, property and are responsible for multiple deaths across our country. They have targeted people of different colors, specifically drawing a dividing line among social groups that revolve around race. Yet, it’s people on the right who are trying to start a race war?

This message goes along with the same message that mainstream media outlets are pushing. CNN recently allowed Anderson Cooper to essentially say that all Trump supporters are killers. We have heard they are all white supremacists and racists bigots from Democrat congressional leaders. They want to ignore the fact that these people are the ones dividing by race and violently rioting across our country.

The FBI defines domestic terrorism as violent, criminal acts committed by individuals and/or groups to further ideological goals stemming from domestic influences, such as those of a political, religious, social, racial, or environmental nature. By this very definition, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are both terrorist organizations. She does not see it that way.

Neumann claims to be a domestic terrorism expert, but she wants to ignore the terrorism that BLM and Antifa are imposing across the country. I am not saying that white supremacists are not violent and have not taken action. Yet, Antifa and BLM continue to do this, night after night, in cities across the country.

Neumann is a politically motivated hack. She sees an opportunity to capitalize on her title and the mainstream media is doing their part of helping promote her name and cause. If President Trump were not so hated by the left and the media, they would simply ignore her and move on.

She fits right into their narrative, however, as part of the “former Republicans” now supporting Joe Biden. You find that she is part of the 70 former national security officials supporting Biden. If you read the ABC article shared, she actually says that she is ashamed because Trump did not “rise to the honor of the office.” In other words, she does not like how he acts.

I have said many times, I can understand that President Trump is brasher than most would like. He is not a polished politician as we have come to expect as one of our leaders. What is President Trump? He is an actual leader, not a puppet.

Neumann and these others are saying that rather than having a leader that cares about the country, they would rather have someone that focuses on special interests and silencing conservatives. They would rather work with someone who will say or do anything to be elected, without having an America First mindset.

Joe Biden is not this moderate that everyone wants to claim he is. He is extremely radical now. Even more radical now that he has Kamala Harris, the most radical Senator in Congress, as his running mate.

A Joe Biden presidency will not end well for Republicans, Conservatives, Christians, or all Americans for that matter. While they may not like President Trump’s actions, they surely will not like Joe Biden’s assault on freedom.

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It is a dangerous time to be Conservative in America

Across America, conservatives are learning that the current images of our great nation are not what we have become accustomed to. No longer is it safe to have or share your opinion, because you will be labeled, threatened, or even worse, physically attacked.

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