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Founder Fridays, Pt. 10: Tenth Amendment

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Charlotte, NC – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Back on August 13th, democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden announced that if he is elected to office he will enact an order that will require all persons in the US to wear a mask in public at all times for a minimum of 3 months. Biden did not seem concerned about the concept of “using a scalpel, and not an axe” as the most recent democratic President once famously quoted.

Biden did not address the concerns of his would-be constituents who are not currently being plagued by… well… the plague. Most importantly, Biden expressed no concern for the 10th Amendment which gives the Executive Branch no such authority to mandate any such requirement.

State Governors, however, can mandate by executive order any such mask requirement they deem appropriate. Although the 14th Amendment limits the seemingly unchecked power granted to the states by the 10A, if a state Governor decides you must wear a purple face mask, 2 left shoes, and skinny jeans in public at all times, then flaunt the outfit you must.

In addition to mask requirements, during times of emergency (or pandemic) the power of Governors to mandate stupid and trivial things is generally expanded. Specifically, in most states today, you may protest in the streets, but you may not attend an indoor church service. You may not exercise in a gym, but mail-in voting is a public health crisis. You may eat food prepared by strangers in an outdoor space, but not 6-feet away from others in a ventilated indoor space.

Fortunately, if you feel your state’s Governor and/or Legislature is inept, then you are free to simply relocate to another state. Thousands are fleeing New York, California, and New Jersey daily because inept and over-reaching leaders have ruined the quality of life for the citizens of those states.

On a state level, it is primarily you – the average voter – that holds your leaders accountable for their actions. State Supreme Courts and Legislators offer a check-and-balance on the power of state Executives to make dumb rules and regulations, but unfortunately partisan politics is often the antagonist of change.

If Joe Biden is elected to the Presidency, he will, like every POTUS before him, expand the power of the Executive beyond what is prescribed by the Constitution. Ideas ranging from a mask mandate to compulsory gun buy-back programs have been floated by this tyrannical campaign.

Your freedom will not increase under a Biden administration, but, by Joe’s own words, your taxes will increase. The 10A dies the moment we elect an empty shell like Biden, who is a puppet of the Socialist terrorists who seek to bring harm to our republic, to the most powerful office in the world.

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