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GOP report confirms what we all knew, Joe Biden is corrupt

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Charlotte, NC — A GOP investigation into Hunter Biden and his work in Ukraine did not necessarily give us new information, but it did prove some things. The report said that Hunter’s actions were “awkward” and “problematic.” It did not find any evidence of adverse effects on US foreign policy.

It did confirm one thing that we knew all along, Joe Biden is corrupt. Hunter Biden, embroiled in legal controversy and under investigation, benefitted from his father stepping in and demanding a prosecutor be removed. This helped clear the way for Hunter to profit millions for corruption, capitalizing on the position from his father.

The report is far from the “bombshell” that President Trump and many Republicans had wanted. It did not prove there were any actions by Biden that we were not already aware of. We knew Biden was corrupt, he openly admitted it when he said he demanded action in his quid pro quo statements.

The real problem is that Democrats want to ignore the action entirely. They want to act like there was nothing to see, and there is simply nothing there. Take for example the response of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Schiff quickly responded to the report saying it did not prove anything and that the Kremlin must be proud. A cheap reference to try to continue the Democrats lie of Russia collusion. Schiff is so infatuated with Russia he cannot see anything that is happening.

Schiff has pushed the Russia hoax and Russia collusion story for years now. He fabricated an entire impeachment trial around it, failing to produce any evidence. The difference in the cases is that there is evidence here.

Joe Biden willingly stated he demanded a quid pro quo. He admitted he demanded the resignation of the prosecutor. It’s easy to track the money Hunter Biden earned as part of Burisma. Democrats do not want you to see that, however.

Their response is that this is just more Republican motives with Russian propaganda. They certainly do not want to talk about Biden’s corrupt dealings in China either. Everywhere you turn, Biden and his family benefitted from his positions in US leadership.

Americans are facing a nonstop barrage of Democratic propaganda attacks claiming how horrible President Trump is. The mainstream media continues to ignore Joe Biden’s corruption. They continue to ignore Joe Biden and issues with his mental state.

In November, Americans will tell the mainstream media and Democrats just what they think. Either it will be a huge win for freedom, conservatives, and Trump, or it will be a rapid descent into corruption and socialism.

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