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Harris unable to present the case of Joe Biden

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Charlotte, NC — On Wednesday night, Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence met on the debate stage. The Vice Presidential debate has taken on a more important focus this year given the age of the presidential candidates and the current state of events in the country. One thing is for certain, it did not disappoint.

Sen. Harris was presented as a strong prosecutor, with the mainstream media stating that she would be able to present a case against Trump. She was expected to argue strongly against Pence and prove incompetence according to most media outlets. Kamala Harris lost the case.

She attempted to spread lies on behalf of Joe Biden which were quickly called out in the media. Biden has said he was against fracking, so has Harris. They apparently had a change of heart as Harris said they would not ban fracking.

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Harris struggled to defend Biden’s tax plan as well. Pence touted the effectiveness of the Trump tax cuts for average American families. He said that the average American family added $2,000 due to tax cuts and $4,000 due to decreased regulations.

Harris said that the tax cuts would be repealed on day one of a Biden administration. She then said that everyday Americans would not see a tax increase. Except those very Americans benefitted from the tax cuts.

Pence made several other strong arguments against Joe Biden. He made a great line against Biden on China and dealing with trade relationships with China.

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“Lost the trade war with China? Joe Biden never fought it.” [email protected]_Pence

Harris struggled to defend 47 years of failed Biden policies. She failed to present the strong case that Joe Biden would be better than President Trump. The mainstream media may argue that Harris is a good attorney, but she lost this case before the American people.

Rather than answering questions, she kept repeating the mainstream media and Biden campaign lines of how bad President Trump is. That is because Biden has done nothing that would prove he would be effective.

The only argument that is presented by the Biden campaign for international relations, American livelihood, the economy, healthcare, or any other topic is “Trump is a bad, bad man.” The argument is empty and pointless.

Biden has used his relationships to profit and benefit his family. He has never stood up to foreign dignitaries. The only time he has was to benefit his son and make millions.

Harris wanted to argue about her and Biden being people of faith, all while supporting abortion. Now should be a perfect time to remind everyone that abortion is not supported by the Catholic faith of Joe Biden.

Pence brought up the desire of the Biden administration to support taxpayer-funded abortion. He also went after Harris on the Biden plan to pack the Supreme Court. Harris dodged the question, refusing to answer. She preferred to be disrespectful to Mike Pence rather than answer the questions asked of her.

While there were many other topics that could be discussed, the debate was over not long after it started. Time and again, Pence painted an image of the radical views of the Biden and Harris campaign and how Trump and Pence are different.

Harris proved that she is not ready for this type of stage. Pence showed the American people he is a disciplined leader, that is capable of stepping in at any point to lead this country. From the first question to the last, Pence owned the debate stage.

If the Vice President position is as important this year as ever, as the mainstream media has indicated, this debate easily showed which ticket is the strongest. Harris is just as weak of a candidate as Joe Biden, and for the sake of our country, we hope for another 4 years of President Trump.

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