Hollywood Hypocrites Hail Protests, Just Not in Beverly Hills

Hollywood Hypocrites Hail Protests, Just Not in Beverly Hills

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Los Angeles, C.A. – Hollywood has long been the home for hipocrites. For over a generation, the “out-of-touch” liberal-elite of Rodeo Drive has thrived on causing controversy. Now, amid racial discrimination and police brutality, starlets and athletes alike have joined forces to unite, promote, and encourage BLM protests in cities across America. That is, of course, just not in theirs. 

On June 14, 2020, the City of Beverly Hills issued an emergency order that bans public gatherings of more than ten people in residential areas between 9 PM and 8 AM.

The order will remain in place until further notice to “preserve the peace and tranquility of residential areas,” according to the statement.

According to multiple reports, the order was a direct response to a June 12 organized protest by “Occupy” within a Beverly Hills residential area 10 PM until 1 AM. The group used “bullhorns and amplified music” to disrupt the tranquility of the neighborhood.

The hypocrisy, of course, is that for the left-elite of Hollywood, protests, riots, and destruction can occur anywhere in America and throughout California, just not in their residential areas. 

Beverly Hills city officials agree with the movie morons, for according to the new order, assemblies in the business district are still permitted.

Since COVID-19 and amid the mandatory closing of movie theatres across the nation, Hollywood has failed to release successfully any motion picture. The result? Industry revenues have plummeted to record lows. 

For the wealthy men and women of professional sports, not a single player has attempted a basket, taken a pitch, or thrown or kicked in a ball in months. So, with no job, and still receiving income, are the liberal lunatics of LA worried that noisy protests will keep them awake? Possibly, provide too much background noise for their TikTok videos? 

Hollywood Hipocrites care for nothing in this country other than themselves. Seeing their face on a movie or television screen, selling courtside seats or shoes is the extent of their involvement within our nation. For the rest of our country, we will wait with bated breath as for the assurance of peace and tranquility within the confines of the anti-conservative circus: Hollywood, USA.

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