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How Americans willingly sacrificed their freedom in just a few months

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Charlotte, NC — From the time the coronavirus pandemic began, we have all experienced a highly politicized debate on the appropriate response. That could not have been any more clear after watching the most recent Presidential debate. Biden and Trump sparred over the response and how they differed in approaches.

One thing I think that everyone can agree on is that no one knew how quickly this would become a worldwide pandemic. Perhaps another is that no one knew how much it would change our country, and the people in it, in just a few short months.

A country that once fought for freedom has now turned towards living as a nation in fear. We fear the unknown of a Chinese coronavirus that has plagued the world. Like any new virus, it took us a while to learn what the virus was capable of. Now, we are almost more fearful than we were in the beginning.

Neighbors and families fight over mandated government restrictions in place. We are told by our leaders that these orders are here to protect us. Yet, while the orders are in place, thousands continue to die. The effectiveness of the restrictions has not proven themselves.

Before this coronavirus pandemic, the CDC did not recommend a mask for anyone except high-risk patients, citing that the benefit did not appear to be present. We then moved to a situation where masks were politicized. The mainstream media and the left pushed a narrative and won the public perception of the usefulness of a mask.

Rather than believing in themselves to appropriately social distance or to appropriately protect the highest risk patients, Americans willingly gave up the one thing that previous generations were willing to die for. Our freedom.

Just look at how easy it was to get everyone to stop fighting behind this narrative of the coronavirus. Of the 50 states, all but one state has a mask mandate of some level. Yet, we continue to see news story after news story about how cases are rising, and deaths continue.

The issue was left up to a state by state issue up until this point. Initially, Joe Biden indicated that if he were elected, he would enforce a national mask mandate. He changed his tune after he remembered we have this document called the US Constitution.

That is not stopping Dr. Anthony Fauci from saying it’s time to enforce a national mask mandate now. He suggested such a thing in an interview this week. How quickly we have moved from being a nation of freedom to one willing to live in fear.

Timeline of eroding freedom

Before March, not one single person considered a mandate to wear a mask. We believed we could fight the coronavirus and that we could possibly prevent it from coming here. Then as cases popped up, Americans panicked, and the mainstream media and radical left seized on an opportunity.

Dr. Fauci was hesitant. He said that masks should not be worn and should be saved for medical personnel in the beginning. As CNN cites, he said in July he did not believe in a federal mask mandate. In September, he said such an order wouldn’t work. Now, in October, he favors the federal government forcing its citizens into submission.

I have heard all the excuses as well. I have heard everything from “it’s the Christian thing to do” all the way to the story that people who do not want to wear a mask should be locked up. The reasons are politically motivated and have been driven by the mainstream media and the radical left.

Even through all that, you must focus on the timeline that was described above. In March, we were told no masks. In October, we are told that only the Federal government is qualified to make a decision in the best interest of its citizens and should force us to wear a facemask. What a difference 6-7 months makes.

I have never once said that someone should not wear a face mask. What I have said from the beginning is that you should have the freedom and ability to choose. Each day I have to make choices and live with the consequences of those choices. One of those is that I face diseases and sickness each day when I leave my home.

On any given day, I could contract something that could kill me. Does that mean that I should live my life in fear, staying at home, or when I do want to leave only doing so in a hazmat suit? Absolutely not.

The bigger picture

While the bulk of this article has focused on the mask mandates, the fact that Americans so willingly gave in to the Democrats and the mainstream media is what is really concerning. In just a few months, Americans have shown that they are willing to believe anything that is put in front of them. In just a few months, they have proven they will blindly follow without evidence or proof.

The evidence is that the coronavirus cases are still spreading, and the deaths are still happening. Despite mask mandates and draconian state closures, the virus is still active in the community. It tells you that these measures are not working, but that has not stopped the left.

States are starting to look at increasing restrictions. In North Carolina, the governor is in a political fight for reelection while wanting to force his citizens back into submission. So he decided to ask local governments to take his orders further and impose penalties for non-compliance.

Just a few months ago, he said it was his role and his place to force those people into submission. Now, if the pandemic is really so much worse, it’s not an issue because he needs to be reelected. This is all just a political game for the left.

Yet, Americans let it happen. They willingly and blindly let Democrats and the mainstream media drive the country to the point of fear. While some have stood against he measures, many Republicans willingly gave in to the fear, which shows that they blindly follow a much larger narrative.

The deaths and sickness associated with the coronavirus are tragic and unfortunate, but the measures we have in place are not working. Americans have blindly followed the fake news narrative into a place of political division over public health. All the while willingly allowing the destruction of our economy, our personal freedom, and quite possibly our future.

Some will ask why I say the future. The reason the future may be lost is that this division very well could lead to a President Biden. A man who is so focused on his personal financial gain, he would not care in the least to take away your rights and force you into submission.

The Left Is Beginning To Lose Control

For four years, the left has controlled the narrative against President Trump. The left-wing media has created stories about Trump and ran with them. Without vetting them for accuracy or for having actual evidence. They still ran those stories. We’ve had the Russia hoax, the Mueller investigation, the impeachment debacle and in each instance they could locate no evidence against Trump.

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