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How things look from an officer’s point of view

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Charlotte, NC – A recent video was posted to social media where a law enforcement officer was waiting on food at McDonalds. In the video, the officer became upset about her order. Not because the order was wrong or that McDonalds was out of what she wanted. She became upset because she had to wait.

Now before you are confused, it wasn’t just the wait. This officer had just finished a long shift and had ordered food from McDonalds on the mobile app. After she had to wait for an extended period of time, she became upset because she was worried about her food being tampered with.

This comes amid the recent riots and the war against law enforcement that Black Lives Matter and the Democrats are waging. The media has painted law enforcement officers to be the enemy of everything American. They are said to be the enemy of black people, solely out to kill as many as possible.

Nothing could be further from the truth and I think this video gives some true perspective. There are two sides to this story. No one is telling the side of the law enforcement officers that are across the country risking their lives every day.

The officer was immediately attacked for the video on social media. Some respondents said that a McDonalds worker is more important than a police officer. Others said that she is trying to start a conspiracy.

You really have to look at the bigger picture here. Are we really expecting these law enforcement officers to not be concerned about their safety with what is going on? People scream obscenities and call for the defunding and deaths of officers nearly everyday. They have every right to be nervous.

I’ve said multiple times, Floyd’s death is tragic and should not have happened. The rhetoric that is happening across the country is causing concern for the safety of law enforcement. This is simply not acceptable.

It does not matter what industry you work in, there are bad employees and people in them. Every cop that exists is not bad. We simply cannot label them all as evil because of the actions of a few. It’s time to change the message across this country. We are better than this. We need to pray for our law enforcement officers.

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