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If Biden wins in November, here’s a look at some of the first moves he will make

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Charlotte, NC — Across the country, the media continues to drive the narrative that there is not one single way President Trump can win in November. In every poll, they attempt to discourage and suppress Trump voters into simply not showing up for the election. The thought of a Biden presidency is scary.

If Biden were to win, there are several moves that he will make in the first 90 days of his presidency. While some will not have drastic effects, there are several key issues he will act on that will cripple our country. Here’s a look at a few of them.

Rollback of Trump tax cuts

One of the first moves that Biden will take is to roll back the Trump tax cuts that were passed in 2017. He has told donors from the beginning that ending Trump tax cuts were a priority for him. The Trump tax cuts have had a significant effect on lower-income earners.

Americans as a whole saved over $60 billion in taxes the first year following the tax cuts. The most significant reductions came to those earning between $15,000 and $100,000 in income. It wasn’t a small tax cut either; we are talking double-digit percentage tax cut for those earners from $15,000 to $100,000 in earnings.

Approve reparations for slavery

Another move that Biden will take on very quickly in his administration is to approve reparations for slavery. The House of Representatives is already laying the groundwork for this move. For the first time, the House is appointing a commission to look at an official US government apology and remedy plan.

Cities around the country are proposing their own apology and remedy plans. The public support of reparations, for which not one single person alive is responsible, continues to rise. Joe Biden will quickly capitalize on that move to solidify the support for his party moving forward for years to come.

Implement new gun legislation

Probably one of the most high profile cases that Biden will take on will be gun laws. Joe Biden was instrumental in helping gun laws of the early 90’s pass across the country. Within weeks of taking office, Joe Biden will pass new gun legislation that will ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

This is not merely addressing “gun show loopholes” as the left has pushed in the past. This is a complete ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. This is a mandated gun buyback program and national licensure program. Biden will also move to restrict the number of firearms a person can purchase and own.

Sign the Green New Deal into law

Biden understands the importance of a critical piece of legislation after his former boss passed Obamacare. He will own the Green New Deal and force it into law. Biden has said that he believes the Green New Deal is a crucial framework for our country and that our environment cannot survive without it.

The costs of the Green New Deal are extreme. Estimates show the total cost would be over $94.4 trillion for the first decade for the country, with over $671,000 in additional costs per family. The United States cannot afford such monstrous legislation.

While Biden has campaigned on “expanded Medicare” as his healthcare choice, implementation of the Green New Deal comes with universal healthcare. It comes with guaranteed housing, guaranteed salaries, food restrictions, and of course, the elimination of planes and cow farts.

A vision of Biden’s America

As you can see, Joe Biden’s America is not the America that we are accustomed to. If he wins, the United States will look nothing like it does by July 2021. The days of a free economy and the freedom to choose your destiny will be over. We will live in a world of government mandates and government regulations. Not only do you lose your freedom, you lose your hard-earned money as well.

Joe Biden’s America looks more like communist China than it does the America that we have all come to love. America cannot afford a President Joe Biden. Most importantly, American freedoms cannot be protected from a President Joe Biden.

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