Why is security needed at protests

If protests are peaceful, why does everyone take security guards?

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Charlotte, NC — On Saturday, protesters took to the streets of Washington, DC. Throughout the day, the protests remained peaceful, but that’s how they typically start. The DC mayor and others have attended the event, but there’s one glaring thing that stands out.

The protests are always reported by the media as peaceful. We are told that these protests are friendly and that we can trust them. Trust them so much that we could disband the police as they suggest because they have no ill will.

The issue is every high profile individual that attends the events; they are with security. As the DC mayor participated in the event, she was flanked by security guards. Earlier this week, NC Governor Roy Cooper marched with protestors, flanked by security. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf marched with protestors, with his security guard behind him.

Kanye West joined into protests, with his security team by his side. The Kansas City Mayor marched with protestors, with his security guard right behind him. I could continue listing, but for the sake of time, I’ll stop there.

It’s confusing that if the protests are so peaceful, why would you need security? If the police officers across the country serve no purpose, why do you need protection as well?

I’m not questioning that these people deserve protection. These are high profile individuals that are at a constant security threat. This does not mean that they are more deserving of protection than anyone else.

The fact that they maintain their protection, but say you do not need it showcases their double standard. It’s the same double standard that we have come to expect from the left. It is the do as I say, not as I do mentality.

I am tired of the left trying to determine and say what they believe I need. The government is not here to decide what I need and how I need it. The government was designed to provide essential functions, not rule lives.

I think it is time that we are honest with ourselves. If we are to defund anything, it is probably time we defund the government. We need less government, not more government. We need less regulation and bureaucracy and more capitalism to allow people to determine their future.

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