If Trump Wins, We are Leaving

If Trump Wins, We Are Leaving! – Part Deux

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Los Angeles, C.A. Remember back in 2016, when half of Hollywood said that if Donald Trump won the presidency, they’d be leaving America? With the 2020 election just months away, if Trump wins reelection, will these out-of-touch liberals make good on their previous Democratic deceptions to depart in droves?

Four years after they made those promises, and they’re still here.

If you recall, celebrities like Rosi O’DonnellWhoopi GoldbergBarbara StreisandCherSamuel L. Jackson, and Snoop Dogg swore to leave their homeland in a Trump victory. Of course, in traditional liberal-fashion, no such move occurred. 

Instead, Hollywood elites have joined House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and Democrats like Adam Schiff(D-CA) and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to tear Trump’s presidency apart from the beginning. From frivolous investigations into campaign finances, “Russian collusion,” and now the handling of COVID-19 and race relations, liberals from coast-to-coast have banded together with one goal in mind – Destroy Trump! 

Pencil Neck himself, Congressman Adam Schiff, joins departure talks.

Last month, Schiff spoke to the fact of “Social Media Disinformation and Election Interference” at George Washington University. During the exchange, Schiff talked about the impact of the elections, saying, “The economic incentives are simply too powerful for the continuation of the status quo.”

The moderator joking replied, “Before we move to Canada, at your hearing last week ….” Schiff cut him off, saying, “We may ALL be moving to Canada soon.”

Democratic disdain for our nation’s 45th President is more prevalent today than four years ago. From the mainstream media to liberal-locations across America, chants of near “Death to Donald” ring aloud. However, we know that Democrats don’t believe half of what they say or do – their inabilities to act have caused panic and COVID-related chaos across the country. 

Here is the real deal. 

For all those liberals that promised to pack up and leave in a Trump victory, where are you still? That’s right, here in America. For the Hollywood starlets and athletes, you aren’t going anywhere, and here’s why. Nowhere else on earth can you dribble a basketball, catch a pass running downfield, or stand in front of a camera and made $50 million a year. 

You don’t believe what you say. No, you won’t admit it, but deep down, you know that you can’t and won’t act on your promises to vacate the U.S. Reason being? You don’t know what it is like to be a working-class citizen; you have no sense of reality. 

Frankly, no matter who is President, Washington’s policies have no bearing on the lives of liberal elites. From Capitol Hill to Rodeo Drive, Democratic deception continues – there is no packing up, there is no mass exodus. Instead, the liberal liars of America will do one thing only – attempt to socialize our society, force down the throats of conservatives the idea of tolerance of un-Godly behavior, and dare stop them. 

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